Publications from Research Conducted at ARCS

The following 344 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 15 Publications

Acosta K.A., Walker H.C., Fry-Petit A.M., "Optimizing the dynamic pair distribution function method for inelastic neutron spectrometry", Nature Reviews Physics, 5, 236-249 (2023).
Bernal-Choban C.M., Smith H.L., Saunders C.N., Kim D.S., Mauger L., Abernathy D.L., Fultz B., "Nonharmonic contributions to the high-temperature phonon thermodynamics of Cr", Physical Review B, 107, 054312 (2023).
Chapman C.W., Arbanas G., Brown J.M., Ramic K., Cheng Y.Q., Lin J.Y., Abernathy D.L., Kolesnikov A.I., Stone M.B., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Hu X., "Advanced Modeling and Simulation Methods for Evaluation of Thermal Neutron Scattering Materials", EPJ Web of Conferences, 284, 17004 (2023).
Chen S., "Study of phonon engineering using neutron scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Riverside (2023).
Gao B., Chen T., Wu X.C., Flynn M., Duan C., Chen L., Huang C., Liebman J., Li S., Ye F., Stone M.B., Podlesnyak A.A., Abernathy D.L., Adroja D.T., Duc Le M., Huang Q.Z., Nevidomskyy A.H., Morosan E., Balents L., Dai P.C., "Diffusive excitonic bands from frustrated triangular sublattice in a singlet-ground-state system", Nature Communications, 14, 2051 (2023).
Jin Z., Li Y., Hu Z., Hu B., Liu Y., Iida K., Kamazawa K., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., Abernathy D.L., Zhang X., Chen H., Wang Y.D., Fang C., Wu B., Zaliznyak I.A., Tranquada J.M., Li Y., "Magnetic molecular orbitals in MnSi", Science Advances, 9, eadd5239 (2023).
Kimber S.A., Zhang J., Liang C.H., Guzman-Verri G.G., Littlewood P.B., Cheng Y.Q., Abernathy D.L., Hudspeth J.M., Luo Z.Z., Kanatzidis M.G., Chatterji T., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Billinge S.J., "Dynamic crystallography reveals spontaneous anisotropy in cubic GeTe", Nature Materials, 22, 311-315 (2023).
Lohaus S.H., Heine M., Guzman P., Bernal-Choban C.M., Saunders C.N., Shen G., Hellman O., Broido D., Fultz B., "A thermodynamic explanation of the Invar effect", Nature Physics, (2023).
Prisk T.R., Azuah R.T., Abernathy D.L., Granroth G.E., Sherline T.E., Sokol P.E., Hu J., Boninsegni M., "Zero-point motion of liquid and solid hydrogen", Physical Review B, 107, 094511 (2023).
Riberolles S.X., Slade T.J., Dally R., Sarte P.M., Li B., Han T., Lane H., Stock C., Bhandari H., Ghimire N.J., Abernathy D.L., Canfield P.C., Lynn J.W., Ueland B.G., McQueeney R.J., "Orbital character of the spin-reorientation transition in TbMn6Sn6", Nature Communications, 14, 2658 (2023).
Roll A., Petit S., Forget A., Colson D., Banerjee A., Foury-Leleykian P., Baledent V., "Purely antiferromagnetic frustrated Heisenberg model in the spin-ladder compound BaFe2Se3", Physical Review B, 108, 014416 (2023).
Smith H.L., Saunders C.N., Bernal-Choban C.M., Lohaus S.H., Stoddard C., Decker L., Lin J.Y., Niedziela J., Abernathy D.L., Na J., Demetriou M.D., Fultz B., "Vibrational dynamics in the undercooled liquid of ultra-fragile metallic glasses", Materialia, 27, 101710 (2023).
Sun Q., Hou S., Wei B., Su Y., Ortiz V., Sun B., Lin J.Y., Smith H.L., Danilkin S.A., Abernathy D.L., Wilson R., Li C.W., "Spin-phonon interactions induced anomalous thermal conductivity in nickel (II) oxide", Materials Today Physics, 35, 101094 (2023).
Teng X., Oh J.S., Tan H., Chen L., Huang J., Gao B., Yin J.X., Chu J.H., Hashimoto M., Lu D.H., Jozwiak C., Bostwick A., Rotenberg E., Granroth G.E., Yan B., Birgeneau R.J., Dai P.C., Yi M., "Magnetism and charge density wave order in kagome FeGe", Nature Physics, 19, 814-822 (2023).
Watson G.R., Cage G., Fortney J., Granroth G.E., Hughes H., Maier T.A., McDonnell M.T., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Smith R.W., Yakubov S., Zhou W., "Calvera: A Platform for the Interpretation and Analysis of Neutron Scattering Data", Accelerating Science and Engineering Discoveries Through Integrated Research Infrastructure for Experiment, Big Data, Modeling and Simulation, (2023).

2022 31 Publications

Bai X., Lechermann F., Liu Y., Cheng Y.Q., Kolesnikov A.I., Ye F., Williams T.J., Chi S.X., Hong T., Granroth G.E., May A.F., Calder S., "Antiferromagnetic fluctuations and orbital-selective Mott transition in the van der Waals ferromagnet Fe 3 − x GeTe 2", Physical Review B, 106, L180409 (2022).
Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann A., "Quantum thermodynamics of hydrogen in nano-structured materials—H2 in carbon nanotubes", Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung B, 77, 441-444 (2022).
Chen S., Coleman D., Abernathy D.L., Banerjee A., Mangolini L., Li C.W., "Distinct Acoustic and Optical Phonon Dependences on Particle Size, Oxidation, and Temperature in Silicon Nanocrystals", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126, 30, 12704-12711 (2022).
Ding J., "Phonon Anharmonicity and Ionic Diffusion in Emergent Energy Material", Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University (2022).
Gu Y., Wang Q., Wo H., He Z., Walker H.C., Park J.T., Enderle M., Christianson A.D., Wang W., Zhao J., "Frustrated magnetic interactions in FeSe", Physical Review B, 106, L060504 (2022).
He X., "Phonon Anharmonicity and Phase Transitions in Perovskites", Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University (2022).
Juneja R., Li X., Thebaud S.J., Moseley D.H., Cheng Y.Q., Manley M.E., Hermann R.P., Lindsay L., "Phonons in complex twisted crystals: Angular momenta, interactions, and topology", Physical Review B, 106, 094310 (2022).
Lavelle C.M., Leung K.K., Ito T.M., "Comparison of MCNP thermal scattering laws to inelastic neutron scattering data", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 1027, 166255 (2022).
Levy-Wendt B.L., "Understanding Structure-Property Relationships in Thermoelectric Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford University (2022).
Li X., Do S., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Granroth G.E., Mu S., Berlijn T., Cooper V.R., Christianson A.D., Lindsay L., "Phonons and phase symmetries in bulk CrCl3 from scattering measurements and theory", Acta Materialia, 241, 118390 (2022).
Liu Z., Ni X., Li L., Sun H., Liang F., Frandsen B.A., Christianson A.D., dela Cruz C., Xu Z., Yao D.X., Lynn J.W., Birgeneau R.J., Cao K., Wang M., "Effect of iron vacancies on magnetic order and spin dynamics of the spin ladder BaFe2−δS1.5Se", Physical Review B, 105, 214303 (2022).
Ma H., Bryan M.S., Pang J.W., Abernathy D.L., Antonio D., Gofryk K., Manley M.E., "Suppressed thermal conductivity in hyperstoichiometric uranium dioxide controlled by phonon lifetimes", Applied Physics Letters, 121, 012202 (2022).
Manley M.E., May A.F., Winn B., Abernathy D.L., Sahul R., Hermann R.P., "Phason-Dominated Thermal Transport in Fresnoite", Physical Review Letters, 129, 255901 (2022).
Moseley D.H., Taddei K.M., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Calder S., Polash M., Vashaee D., Zhang X., Zhao H., Parker D.S., Fishman R.S., Hermann R.P., "Giant doping response of magnetic anisotropy in MnTe", Physical Review Materials , 6, 014404 (2022).
Mu S., Dixit K.D., Wang X.P., Abernathy D.L., Cao H.B., Nagler S.E., Yan J.Q., Lampen-Kelley P., Mandrus D., Polanco C.A., Liang L., Halasz G.B., Cheng Y.Q., Banerjee A., Berlijn T., "Role of the third dimension in searching for Majorana fermions in α − RuCl 3 via phonons", Physical Review Research, 4, 013067 (2022).
Neilson J.R., Fry-Petit A.M., Drichko N., Stone M.B., Llobet A., Balasubramanian M., Suchomel M.R., McQueen T.M., "Dynamical Bond Formation in KNi2Se2", Zeitschrift fur Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie, 648, e202200042 (2022).
Ortiz B.R., Bordelon M.M., Bhattacharyya P., Pokharel G., Sarte P.M., Posthuma L., Petersen T., Eldeeb M.S., Granroth G.E., dela Cruz C., Calder S., Abernathy D.L., Hozoi L., Wilson S.D., "Electronic and structural properties of RbCe X 2 ( X 2 : O 2 , S 2 , SeS , Se 2 , TeSe , Te 2 )", Physical Review Materials , 6, 084402 (2022).
Riberolles S.X., Slade T.J., Abernathy D.L., Granroth G.E., Li B., Lee Y.B., Canfield P.C., Ueland B.G., Ke L., McQueeney R.J., "Low-Temperature Competing Magnetic Energy Scales in the Topological Ferrimagnet TbMn 6 Sn 6", Physical Review X, 12, 021043 (2022).
Sarathchandran Y.K., "Understanding Liquid Dynamics using the Van Hove function from Inelastic Neutron Scattering Measurements", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Tennessee (2022).
Saunders C.N., "Thermal Behavior of Cuprous Oxide: A Comprehensive Study of Three-Body Phonon Effects and Beyond", Ph.D. Dissertation, California Institute of Technology (2022).
Saunders C.N., Kim D.S., Hellman O., Smith H.L., Weadock N.J., Omelchenko S.T., Granroth G.E., Bernal-Choban C.M., Lohaus S.H., Abernathy D.L., Fultz B., "Thermal expansion and phonon anharmonicity of cuprite studied by inelastic neutron scattering and ab initio calculations", Physical Review B, 105, 174308 (2022).
Shinohara Y., Ivanov A.S., Maltsev D.S., Granroth G.E., Abernathy D.L., Dai S., Egami T., "Real-Space Local Dynamics of Molten Inorganic Salts Using Van Hove Correlation Function", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 5956-5962 (2022).
Skorobogatov S.A., Shaykhutdinov K.A., Balaev D.A., Pavlovskii M.S., Krasikov A.A., Terentjev K.Y., "Spin dynamics and exchange interaction in orthoferrite TbFeO 3 with non-Kramers rare-earth ion", Physical Review B, 106, 184404 (2022).
Su Y., Smith H.L., Stone M.B., Abernathy D.L., Lumsden M.D., Adams C.P., Li C.W., "Frustration-induced diffusive scattering anomaly and dimension change in FeGe 2", Physical Review B, 106, 024406 (2022).
Sun Q., Wei B., Su Y., Smith H.L., Lin J.Y., Abernathy D.L., Li C.W., "Mutual spin-phonon driving effects and phonon eigenvector renormalization in nickel (II) oxide", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119, e2120553119 (2022).
Tao Y., Abernathy D.L., Chen T., Yildirim T., Yan J.Q., Zhou J.S., Goodenough J.B., Louca D.A., "Dynamics of phase transitions in YVO3 investigated via inelastic neutron scattering and first-principles calculations", Neutron News, 33, 24-26 (2022).
Tao Y., Abernathy D.L., Chen T., Yildirim T., Yan J.Q., Zhou J.S., Goodenough J.B., Louca D.A., "Lattice and magnetic dynamics in the YVO3 Mott insulator studied by neutron scattering and first-principles calculations", Physical Review B, 105, 094412 (2022).
Wang J., Bao S., Shangguan Y., Cai Z., Gan Y., Li S., Ran K., Ma Z., Winn B., Christianson A.D., Zhong R., Li J., Gu G., Wen J., "Enhanced low-energy magnetic excitations evidencing the Cu-induced localization in the Fe-based superconductor Fe0.98Te0.5Se0.5", Physical Review B, 105, 245129 (2022).
Xiao E., Ma H., Bryan M.S., Fu L., Mann J.M., Winn B., Abernathy D.L., Hermann R.P., Khanolkar A., Dennett C.A., Hurley D.H., Manley M.E., Marianetti C.A., "Validating first-principles phonon lifetimes via inelastic neutron scattering", Physical Review B, 106, 144310 (2022).
Xie T., Yin Q., Wang Q., Kolesnikov A.I., Granroth G.E., Abernathy D.L., Gong D., Yin Z.P., Lei H., Podlesnyak A.A., "Spin excitations in the kagome-lattice metallic antiferromagnet Fe 0.89 Co 0.11 Sn", Physical Review B, 106, 214436 (2022).
Yang S., "Lattice Dynamics in Temperature-driven and Photo-induced Phase Transitions", Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University (2022).

2021 28 Publications

Al-Qasir I.I., Cheng Y.Q., Lin J.Y., Campbell A.A., Sala G., Ramic K., Islam F.F., Qteish A., Marsden B.J., Abernathy D.L., Stone M.B., "Neutron thermalization in nuclear graphite: A modern story of a classic moderator", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 161, 108437 (2021).
Bordelon M.M., "Magnetic frustration and quantum disorder in lanthanide-based ALnX2 materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Santa Barbara (2021).
Bordelon M.M., Bocarsly J.D., Posthuma L., Banerjee A., Zhang Q., Wilson S.D., "Antiferromagnetism and crystalline electric field excitations in tetragonal NaCeO2", Physical Review B, 103, 024430S (2021).
Bordelon M.M., Liu C., Posthuma L., Kenney E., Graf M.J., Butch N.P., Banerjee A., Calder S., Balents L., Wilson S.D., "Frustrated Heisenberg J1−J2 model within the stretched diamond lattice of LiYbO2", Physical Review B, 103, 014420 (2021).
Chapman C.W., Ramic K., Hu X., Brown J.M., Arbanas G., Abernathy D.L., Kolesnikov A.I., Stone M.B., Liu L., Danon Y., "High-Temperature Thermal Neutron Scattering Measurements and Evaluation of YHx for the Transformational Challenge Reactor", ANS Virtual Annual Meeting, 612-615, (2021).
Chapman C.W., Ramic K., Hu X., Brown J.M., Arbanas G., Kolesnikov A.I., Abernathy D.L., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Cheng Y.Q., Stone M.B., Liu L., Danon Y., "Thermal neutron scattering measurements and modeling of yttrium-hydrides for high temperature moderator applications", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 157, 108224 (2021).
Chen L., Chung J.H., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., Winn B., Garlea V.O., Abernathy D.L., Gao B., Augustin M., Santos E.J., Dai P.C., "Magnetic Field Effect on Topological Spin Excitations in CrI3", Physical Review X, 11, 3, 031047 (2021).
Dai P., Zhang G., Xie Y., Duan C., Gao Y., Zhu Z., Feng E., Tao Z., Huang C., Cao H.B., Podlesnyak A.A., Granroth G.E., Everett S.M., Neuefeind J., et al. ., "Spinon Fermi Surface Spin Liquid in a Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet NaYbSe2", Physical Review X, 11, 021044 (2021).
Ding J., Lanigan-Atkins T., Calderon-Cueva M., Banerjee A., Abernathy D.L., Said A.H., Zevalkink A., Delaire O., "Soft anharmonic phonons and ultralow thermal conductivity in Mg3(Sb, Bi)2 thermoelectrics", Science Advances, 7, 21, eabg1449 (2021).
Gao B., Chen T., Wang C., Chen L., Zhong R., Abernathy D.L., Xiao D., Dai P.C., "Spin waves and Dirac magnons in a honeycomb-lattice zigzag antiferromagnet BaNi2(AsO4)2", Physical Review B, 104, 214432 (2021).
Gupta M.K., Ding J., Osti N.C., Abernathy D.L., Arnold W., Wang H., Hood Z.D., Delaire O., "Fast Na diffusion and anharmonic phonon dynamics in superionic Na3PS4", Energy & Environmental Science, 14, 6554-6563 (2021).
Hanus R., George J., Wood M., Bonkowski A., Cheng Y.Q., Abernathy D.L., Manley M.E., Hautier G., Snyder G.J., Hermann R.P., "Uncovering design principles for amorphous-like heat conduction using two-channel lattice dynamics", Materials Today Physics, 18, 100344 (2021).
Juneja R., Thebaud S.J., Pandey T., Polanco C.A., Moseley D.H., Manley M.E., Cheng Y.Q., Winn B., Abernathy D.L., Hermann R.P., Lindsay L., "Quasiparticle twist dynamics in non-symmorphic materials", Materials Today Physics, 21, 100548 (2021).
Lanigan-Atkins T., He X., Krogstad M.J., Pajerowski D.M., Abernathy D.L., Xu G., Xu Z., Chung D.Y., Kanatzidis M.G., Rosenkranz S., Osborn R., Delaire O., "Two-dimensional overdamped fluctuations of the soft perovskite lattice in CsPbBr3", Nature Materials, 20, 977–983 (2021).
Li L., Zheng L., Frandsen B.A., Christianson A.D., Yao D.X., Wang M., Birgeneau R.J., "Spin dynamics of the spin-chain antiferromagnet RbFeS2", Physical Review B, 104, 224419 (2021).
Liu J., Strobel T.A., Zhang H., Abernathy D.L., Li C.W., Hong J., "Significant phase-space-driven thermal transport suppression in BC8 silicon", Materials Today Physics, 21, 100566 (2021).
Miskowiec A., Spano T.L., Brubaker Z., Niedziela J., Abernathy D.L., Hunt R.D., Finkeldei S., "Antiferromagnetic ordering and possible lattice response to dynamic uranium valence in U 3 O 8", Physical Review B, 103, 205101 (2021).
Podlesnyak A.A., Nikitin S.E., Ehlers G., "Low-energy spin dynamics in rare-earth perovskite oxides", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 33, 403001 (2021).
Polash M., "Understanding and Engineering Spin and Quantum Driven Thermoelectric Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2021).
Pramanick A., Nayak S., Egami T., Dmowski W., Budisuharto A.S., Marlton F., Joergensen M.R., Venkateshwarlu S., Beyer K.A., "Dynamical origins of weakly coupled relaxor behavior in Sn-doped (Ba, Ca)TiO3−BiScO", Physical Review B, 103, 214105 (2021).
Rutherford M., "Dy2ScNbO7: the magnetism of a mixed B-site pyrochlore", Master's Thesis, McMaster University (2021).
Scheie A., Laurell P., Samarakoon A.M., Lake B., Nagler S.E., Granroth G.E., Okamoto S., Alvarez G., Tennant D.A., "Witnessing entanglement in quantum magnets using neutron scattering", Physical Review B, 103, 224434 (2021).
Scheie A., Sherman N.E., Dupont M., Nagler S.E., Stone M.B., Granroth G.E., Moore J.E., Tennant D.A., "Detection of Kardar–Parisi–Zhang hydrodynamics in a quantum Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain", Nature Physics, 17, pages726–730 (2021).
Shen Y., Saunders C.N., Bernal C.M., Abernathy D.L., Williams T.J., Manley M.E., Fultz B., "Prediction and observation of intermodulation sidebands from anharmonic phonons in NaBr", Physical Review B, 103, 134302 (2021).
Wang Z., "Local Dynamics and Atomic-level Structures in Metallic Liquids and Glasses", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2021).
Wei B., Cai Q., Sun Q., Su Y., Said A.H., Abernathy D.L., Hong J., Li C.W., "Matryoshka phonon twinning in α-GaN", Communications Physics, 4, 227 (2021).
Zhu Y., Wei B., Liu J., Koocher N.Z., Li Y., Hu L., He W., Deng G., Xu W., Wang X., Rondinelli J.M., Zhao L., Snyder G.J., Hong J., "Physical insights on the low lattice thermal conductivity of AgInSe2", Materials Today Physics, 19, 100428 (2021).

2020 35 Publications

Ahmadova I., Sterling T.C., Sokolik A.C., Abernathy D.L., Greven M., Reznik D., "Phonon spectrum of underdoped HgBa2CuO4+δ investigated by neutron scattering", Physical Review B, 101, 184508 (2020).
Al-Qasir I.I., Campbell A.A., Sala G., Lin J.Y., Cheng Y.Q., Islam F.F., Abernathy D.L., Stone M.B., "Vacancy-driven variations in the phonon density of states of fast neutron irradiated nuclear graphite", Carbon, 168, 42-54 (2020).
Ashcraft R., Wang Z., Abernathy D.L., Quirinale D.G., Egami T., Kelton K.F., "Experimental determination of the temperature-dependent Van Hove function in a Zr80Pt20 liquid", Journal of Chemical Physics, 152, 074506 (2020).
Bansal D., Niedziela J., Calder S., Lanigan-Atkins T., Rawl R., Said A.H., Abernathy D.L., Kolesnikov A.I., Zhou H.D., Delaire O., "Magnetically driven phonon instability enables the metal–insulator transition in h-FeS", Nature Physics, 16, 669-675 (2020).
Bordelon M.M., Liu C., Posthuma L., Sarte P.M., Butch N.P., Pajerowski D.M., Banerjee A., Balents L., Wilson S.D., "Spin excitations in the frustrated triangular lattice antiferromagnet NaYbO2", Physical Review B, 101, 224427 (2020).
Bryan M.S., Fu L., Rickert K., Turner D., Prusnick T.A., Mann J.M., Abernathy D.L., Marianetti C.A., Manley M.E., "Nonlinear propagating modes beyond the phonons in fluorite-structured crystals", Communications Physics, 3, 217 (2020).
Chapman C.W., Ramic K., Hu X., Brown J.M., Arbanas G., Kolesnikov A.I., Abernathy D.L., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Cheng Y.Q., Stone M.B., Liu L., Danon Y., "Thermal Neutron Scattering Evaluation of Yttrium Hydride - FY2020 Progress", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2020/1666 (2020).
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Dai R., "Structure, Thermophysical Properties of Liquids, and Their Connection with Glass Formability", Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington University in St Louis (2020).
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Herrmann M.G., Stoffel R.P., Sergueev I., Wille H.C., Leupold O., Haddouch M.A., Sala G., Abernathy D.L., Voigt J., Hermann R.P., Dronskowski R., Friese K., "Lattice Dynamics of Sb2Se3 from Inelastic Neutron and X‐Ray Scattering", Physica Status Solidi B, 257, 6, 2000063 (2020).
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Niedziela J., Bansal D., Ding J., Lanigan-Atkins T., Li C.W., May A.F., Wang H., Lin J.Y., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Huq A., Parshall D., Lynn J.W., Delaire O., "Controlling phonon lifetimes via sublattice disordering in AgBiSe2", Physical Review Materials , 4, 105402 (2020).
Pokharel G., Arachchige H.S., Williams T.J., May A.F., Fishman R.S., Sala G., Calder S., Ehlers G., Parker D.S., Hong T., Wildes A.R., Mandrus D., Paddison J., Christianson A.D., "Cluster Frustration in the Breathing Pyrochlore Magnet LiGaCr4S8", Physical Review Letters, 125, 167201 (2020).
Shen Y., Saunders C.N., Bernal C.M., Abernathy D.L., Manley M.E., Fultz B., "Anharmonic Origin of the Giant Thermal Expansion of NaBr", Physical Review Letters, 125, 085504 (2020).
Skorobogatov S.A., Nikitin S.E., Shaykhutdinov K.A., Balaev A.D., Terentjev K.Y., Ehlers G., Sala G., Pomjakushina E., Conder K., Podlesnyak A.A., "Low-temperature spin dynamics in the TmFeO3 orthoferrite with a non-Kramers ion", Physical Review B, 101, 014432 (2020).
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