Brochures and Flyers

The Communications team at the Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD) offers communications expertise and support to the directorate, an organization of about 700 people.

Our highly-skilled team includes science writers, graphic designers, a web director, and a photographer. We also have access to the resources of Creative Services, which offers additional help in the areas of reproduction, videography, and more.

Among our goals, we aim to:

  • Share scientific, operational and instrument information to highlight the prestige of ORNL and neutron sciences, vital to the US economy and scientific innovation
  • Support NScD and ORNL public outreach and enhance staff and user engagement through news releases, feature stories, social media, photos, video and more
  • Offer graphic design for journal covers, illustration, printed materials, including fact sheets, newsletters, brochures, exhibits, etc.
  • Develop and update NScD’s external and internal websites
  • Help provide training & outreach strategy
  • Offer advice & planning
  • Coordinate and assist with media outreach
  • Help with interviews, Congressional testimony, speeches and more

Here are links to some of our informational brochures and flyers: