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The following 702 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 54 Publications

Brahmbhatt T., "The Synthesis and Optimization of Sulfide and Halide Solid Electrolytes for All Solid-State Batteries ", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2023).
Brown A.J., Avdeev M.V., Manjon-Sanz A., Brand H.E., Ling C.D., "Competing Magnetic Interactions and the Role of Unpaired 4f Electrons in Oxygen-Deficient Perovskites Ba3RFe2O7.5 (R = Y, Dy)", Inorganic Chemistry, 62, 6786-6793 (2023).
Carnevali V., Mukherjee S., Voneshen D.J., Maji K., Guilmeau E., Powell A.V., Vaqueiro P., Fornari M., "Lone Pair Rotation and Bond Heterogeneity Leading to Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Aikinite", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 146, 16, 9313-9325 (2023).
Chen S., "Study of phonon engineering using neutron scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Riverside (2023).
Dhital C., Dally R., Ruvalcaba R., Gonzalez-Hernandez R., Guerrero-Sanchez J., Cao H.B., Zhang Q., Tian W., Wu Y., Frontzek M., Karna S.K., Meads A., Wilson B., Chapai R., Graf D., Bacsa J., Jin R., DiTusa J.F., "Multi-k magnetic structure and large anomalous Hall effect in candidate magnetic Weyl semimetal NdAlGe", Physical Review B, 107, 224414 (2023).
Dong X., Lin K., Yu C., Zhang W., Li W., Zhang Q., Zhang Q., Liu J., Cao Y., Xing X., "Zero thermal expansion in non-stoichiometric and single-phase (Hf,Nb)Fe2.5 alloy", Scripta Materialia, 229, 115388 (2023).
Dufault E., Bahrami F., Streeter A., Yao X., Gonzalez E., Zhang Q., Tafti F.F., "Introducing the monoclinic polymorph of the honeycomb magnet Na2Co2TeO6", Physical Review B, 108, 6, 064405 (2023).
Esteban E.T., Garcia J.J., Windover S.R., Cooley J.W., "Intrinsic thermal expansion and tunability of thermal expansion coefficient in Ni-substituted Co2 V2 O7", JPhys Materials, 6, 4, 045011 (2023).
Evans H.A., Yildirim T., Peng P., Cheng Y.Q., Deng Z., Zhang Q., Mullangi D., Zhao D., Canepa P., Breunig H.M., Cheetham A.K., Brown C.M., "Hydrogen Storage with Aluminum Formate, ALF: Experimental, Computational, and Technoeconomic Studies", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 40, 22150–22157 (2023).
Grendal O.G., Evans D.G., Aamlid S.S., "Revisiting the structures and phase transitions of Ba2NaNb5O15", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 56, 5, 1456-1465 (2023).
Gussev I., O'Quinn E.C., Tucker M.G., Ewing R.C., Overstreet C., Neuefeind J., Everett M.S., Zhang Q., Sprouster D.J., Olds D., Baldinozzi G., Lang M., "Systematic study of short- and long-range correlations in RE3TaO7 weberite-type compounds by neutron total scattering and X-ray diffraction", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 8886-8903 (2023).
Hariyani S., Xing X., Amachraa M., Bao J., Ong S.P., Brgoch J., "Realizing Wide-Gamut Human-Centric Display Lighting with K3AlP3O9N:Eu2+", Advanced Optical Materials, 11, 2202689 (2023).
Hartel J., Banik A., Gerdes J.M., Wankmiller B., Helm B., Li C., Kraft M.A., Hansen M.R., Zeier W.G., "Understanding Lithium-Ion Transport in Selenophosphate-Based Lithium Argyrodites and Their Limitations in Solid-State Batteries", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 4798-4809 (2023).
Houben A., Meinerzhagen Y., Nachtigall N., Jacobs P., Dronskowski R., "POWTEX visits POWGEN", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 56, 633-642 (2023).
Htet C.S., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Babori C., Barati M., Marlton F., Daniel L., Jorgensen M., Pramanick A., "Local structural mechanism for enhanced energy storage properties in heterovalent doped NaNbO3 ceramics", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, (2023).
Katragadda N., Mandal P., Yanda P., Sundaresan A., Kaushik S.D., Zhang W., Halasyamani P.S., Sanz A.M., "Room temperature polar and weak-ferromagnetic oxide with low dielectric loss", Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid State Materials for Advanced Tech, 298, 116869 (2023).
Kolesnikov A.I., Krishnamoorthy A., Nomura K.I., Wu Z., Abernathy D.L., Huq A., Granroth G.E., Christe K.O., Haiges R., Kalia R.K., Nakano A., Vashishta P., "Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Phonon Density of States of Iodine Oxides and First-Principles Calculations", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 10080–10087 (2023).
Kong J., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Marlton F., Lo T.W., Lei D., Joergensen M.R., Pramanick A., "Scaling behavior of order parameters for the hybrid improper ferroelectric ( Ca , Sr ) 3 Ti 2 O 7", Physical Review B, 107, 224103 (2023).
Krivyakina E., Poudel B., Li C., Kolesnik S., Dabrowski B., Mitchell J.F., Rosenkranz S., Chmaissem O., "Redox Properties of Hexagonal and Cubic Sr0.4Ba0.6Mn0.94Ti0.06O3−δ Investigated by In Situ Neutron Powder Diffraction", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 15, 5895-5902 (2023).
Lee K., Zhou H., Zuba M.J., Kaplan C., Zong Y., Qiao L., Zhou G., Chernova N.A., Liu H., Whittingham M.S., "Complex defect chemistry of hydrothermally-synthesized Nb-substituted β′-LiVOPO4", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 10834-10849 (2023).
Lefton J.B., Liu W., McGuire C., Lv B., Brown C.M., Klein R.A., Runcevski T., "Synthesis, structure and canted antiferromagnetism of layered cobalt hydroxide sorbate", Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 182, 111568 (2023).
Li T., Liou S.C., Hong S.J., Zhang Q., Mandujano H., Rodriguez E.E., "Structural modulation and spin glassiness upon oxidation in oxygen storage material LnFeMnO4+x for Ln = Y, Lu, and Yb", APL Materials, 11, 061120 (2023).
Lin K., Zhang W., Yu C., Sun Q., Cao Y., Li W., Jiang S.H., Li Q., Zhang Q., An K., Chen Y., Yu D., Liu J., Kato K., Gu L., Zhang Q., Kuang X., Tang Y., Miao J., Xing X., "Chemical heterogeneity modulated zero thermal expansion alloy over super-wide temperature range", Cell Reports Physical Science, 4, 101254 (2023).
Mandujano H., Metta A., Barisic N., Zhang Q., Tabis W., Muniraju N.K., Nair H.S., "Sawtooth lattice multiferroic BeCr2O4 : Noncollinear magnetic structure and multiple magnetic transitions", Physical Review Materials , 7, 024422 (2023).
Mandujano H., Tafere M.S., Chogondahalli Muniraju N.K., Creason T.D., McWhorter T.M., Gofryk K., Heitmann T.W., Zhang Q., Saparov B., Nair H.S., "Magnetic structures and excitations in sawtooth olivine chalcogenides Mn$_2$Si$X_4$ ($X$ = S, Se)", Dalton Transactions, 52, 5652-5662 (2023).
McGuire M.A., Clements E.M., Zhang Q., Okamoto S., "Double-Layer Kagome Metals Pt3Tl2 and Pt3In2", Crystals, 13, 833 (2023).
Messegee Z.T., Cho J.S., Craig A.J., Garlea V.O., Xin Y., Kang C., Proffen T., Bhandari H., Kelly J.C., Ghimire N.J., Aitken J.A., Jang J.I., Tan X., "Multifunctional Cu2TSiS4 (T = Mn and Fe): Polar Semiconducting Antiferromagnets with Nonlinear Optical Properties", Inorganic Chemistry, 62, 530-542 (2023).
Moseley D.H., Bridges C.A., Daemen L.L., Zhang Q., McGuire M.A., Cakmak E., Hermann R.P., "Structure and Anharmonicity of α- and β-Sb2O3 at Low Temperature", Crystals, 13, 752 (2023).
Parui K., Lee A.L., Gandhi S., Butala M.M., "R-Nb2O5 has an ‘idealized’ V2O5 structure and Wadsley–Roth-like structural stability during Li-ion battery cycling", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 5559-5567 (2023).
Patterson A., Elizalde-Segovia R., Wyckoff K., Zohar A., Ding P.P., Turner W.M., Poeppelmeier K.R., Narayan S.R., Clement R.J., Seshadri R., Griffith K., "Rapid and Reversible Lithium Insertion in the Wadsley–Roth-Derived Phase NaNb13O33", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 16, 6364–6373 (2023).
Plass M.A., Terban M.W., Scholz T., Moudrakovski I., Duppel V., Dinnebier R.E., Lotsch B.V., "Structure and Ionic Conductivity of Li-Disordered Bismuth o-Thiophosphate Li60–3xBi16+x(PS4)36", Inorganic Chemistry, 62, 10655–10664 (2023).
Powderly K.M., Zhang Q., Devlin K.P., Gui X., Ni D., Xie W., Cava R.J., "Quasi-one-dimensional Pb5 Re3 O15 : A5d realization of the Heisenberg antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 chain", Physical Review Materials , 7, 11, 114408 (2023).
Pu Y., Moseley D.H., He Z., Pitike K.C., Manley M.E., Yan J.Q., Cooper V.R., Mitchell V., Peterson V.K., Cao P., "(Mg,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni)O: A rocksalt high-entropy oxide containing divalent Mn and Fe", Science Advances, 9, 38, (2023).
Ramos E.P., Kim N., Assoud A., Kochetkov I., Wan L., Nazar L.F., "Triggering Fast Lithium Ion Conduction in LiPS4I", ACS Materials Letters, 5, 144-154 (2023).
Roh J., Do N., Manjon-Sanz A., Hong S.T., "Li2GeS3: Lithium Ionic Conductor with an Unprecedented Structural Type", Inorganic Chemistry, 62, 39, 15856–15863 (2023).
Sala G., Stone M.B., Do S., Taddei K.M., Zhang Q., Halasz G.B., Lumsden M.D., May A.F., Christianson A.D., "Structure and magnetism of the triangular lattice material YbBO3", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 35, 395804 (2023).
Sanjeewa L.D., Garlea V.O., Fishman R.S., Foroughian M., Yin L., Xing J., Parker D.S., Smith Pellizzeri T.M., Sefat A.S., Kolis J.W., "Field tunable magnetic transitions of CsCo2(MoO4)2(OH): a triangular chain structure with a frustrated geometry", Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 7, 1058-1071 (2023).
Sharma S., Mardani M., Feng K., Wei K., Baumbach R.E., Zhang Q., Singh D.J., Siegrist T., "Crystal growth and magnetic structure of ternary silicide Eu Pd 3 Si 2", Physical Review Materials , 7, 023402 (2023).
Slade T.J., Sapkota A., Wilde J.M., Zhang Q., Wang L., Lapidus S., Schmidt J., Heitmann T.W., Bud'ko S.L., Canfield P.C., "Vacancy-tuned magnetism in LaMnx Sb2", Physical Review Materials , 7, 11, 114203 (2023).
Tin P., Jenkins M.J., Xing J., Caci N., Gai Z., Jin R., Wessel S., Kryzstek J., Li C., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Xue Z., "Haldane topological spin-1 chains in a planar metal-organic framework", Nature Communications, 14, 5454 (2023).
Wang W., Wang R., Zhan R., Du J., Chen Z., Feng R., Tan Y., Hu Y., Ou Y., Yuan Y., Li C., Xiao Y., Sun Y., "Probing Hybrid LiFePO4/FePO4 Phases in a Single Olive LiFePO4 Particle and Their Recovering from Degraded Electric Vehicle Batteries", Nano Letters, 32, 16, 7253-7766 (2023).
Wang X., Yin L., Ronne A., Zhang Y., Hu Z., Tan S., Wang Q., Song B., Li M., Rong X., Lapidus S., Yang S., Hu E., Liu J., "Stabilizing lattice oxygen redox in layered sodium transition metal oxide through spin singlet state", Nature Communications, 14, 7665 (2023).
Whitfield P., "Low-temperature crystal structures of the solvent dimethyl carbonate", Powder Diffraction, 38, 100-111 (2023).
Xu M., Li Q., Song Y., Xu Y., Sanson A., Shi N., Wang N., Sun Q., Zhang Q., et al. ., "Giant uniaxial negative thermal expansion in FeZr2 alloy over a wide temperature range", Nature Communications, 14, 4439 (2023).
Xu X., Hao Y., Peng S., Zhang Q., Ni D., Yang C., Dai X., Cao H.B., Cava R.J., "Large off-diagonal magnetoelectricity in a triangular Co2+-based collinear antiferromagnet", Nature Communications, 14, 8034 (2023).
Yadav D.K., Zhang Q., Gofryk K., Nair H.S., Uma S., "Evidence of Long-Range and Short-Range Magnetic Ordering in the Honeycomb Na3Mn2SbO6 Oxide", Inorganic Chemistry, 62, 7403–7412 (2023).
Yatoo M.A., Skinner S.J., "Oxygen Transport in Higher-Order Ruddlesden-Popper Phase Materials", ECS Transactions, 111, 2405 (2023).
Zhang Q., Tian W., Nepal R., Huq A., Nagler S.E., DiTusa J.F., Jin R., "Polyhedral Distortions and Unusual Magnetic Order in Spinel FeMn2O4", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 2330-2341 (2023).
Zhang X., Butenko D., Gao L., Ye X., Hong B., Han S., Xia W., Wang S., Sun Y., Zhao Y., Zhu J., "Synergistic Ion Diffusion in Lithium Titanium Phosphate Conductors: A Tale from Solo to Ensemble", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 4541-4548 (2023).
Zhang Y., Liu J., Tucker M.G., "Lorentz factor for time-of-flight neutron Bragg and total scattering", Acta Crystallographica Section A, A79, 20-24 (2023).
Zhou L., Zuo T.T., Li C., Zhang Q., Janek J., Nazar L.F., "Li3–xZrx(Ho/Lu)1–xCl6 Solid Electrolytes Enable Ultrahigh-Loading Solid-State Batteries with a Prelithiated Si Anode", ACS Energy Letters, 8, 3102–3111 (2023).
Zhou Y., Watts J.L., Li C., Fahrenholtz W.G., Hilmas G.E., "Vacancy Ordering in Zirconium Carbide with Different Carbon Contents", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 43, 5814-5821 (2023).

2022 73 Publications

Berry T., Bernier S., Auffermann G., McQueen T.M., Phelan W.A., "Laser floating zone growth of SrVO3 single crystals", Journal of Crystal Growth, 583, 126518 (2022).
Berry T., Fry-Petit A.M., Sinha M., Zhang Q., Auffermann G., McQueen T.M., Rudin S.P., Phelan W.A., "The Role of Phonons and Oxygen Vacancies in Non-Cubic SrVO3", Inorganic Chemistry, 61, 3007-3017 (2022).
Chen Y., An K., "Unraveling transition-metal-mediated stability of spinel oxide via in situ neutron scattering", Journal of Energy Chemistry, 68, 60-70 (2022).
Converse E.S., King G., Li J., Subramanian M.A., "Bond valence sum analysis of pyrochlore oxides including the novel dielectric Te6+ pyrochlores: ABiMTeO7-y (A = Cd, Ca; M = Cr, Ga, Sc, In, Fe)", Progress in Solid State Chemistry, 68, 100378 (2022).
Corlett C.A., Frontzek M., Obradovic N., Watts J.L., Fahrenholtz W.G., "Mechanical Activation and Cation Site Disorder in MgAl2O4", Materials, 15, 18, 6422 (2022).
da Cruz Pinha Barbosa V., Xiong J., Tran P.M., McGuire M.A., Yan J.Q., Warren M.T., Aguilar R.V., Zhang W., Randeria M., Trivedi N., Haskel D., Woodward P.M., "The Impact of Structural Distortions on the Magnetism of Double Perovskites Containing 5d1 Transition-Metal Ions", Chemistry of Materials, 34, 3, 1098–1109 (2022).
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Gamage E.H., Kamali S., Clark J.K., Lee Y.B., Yox P., Shafer P., Yaroslavtsev A.A., Ke L., Shatruk M., Kovnir K., "As–Se Pentagonal Linkers to Induce Chirality and Polarity in Mixed-Valent Fe–Se Tetrahedral Chains Resulting in Hidden Magnetic Ordering", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 11283-11295 (2022).
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Ge H., Huang C.J., Zhang Q., Zhao N., Yang J., Wang L., Fu Y., Zhang L., Song Z., Li T.T., Ding F., Xu J.B., Zhang Y.F., Tong X., Wang S., Mei J.W., Podlesnyak A.A., Wu L., Chen G., Sheng J.M., "Interplay of itinerant electrons and Ising moments in a hybrid honeycomb quantum magnet TmNi3Al9", Physical Review B, 106, 054434 (2022).
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Ghosh K., "Synthesis and structure-property relationship of mullite-type oxides", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Bremen (2022).
Ghosh K., Murshed M.M., Frederichs T., Muniraju N.K., Gesing T.M., "Structural, vibrational, thermal and magnetic properties of mullite-type NdMnTiO5 ceramic", Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 105, 4, 2702-2712 (2022).
Gurieva G., Rotaru V., Ernits K., Siminel N., Manjon-Sanz A., Kirkham M.J., Perez-Rodriguez A., Guc M., Meissner D., Schorr S., "To grind or not to grind? The influence of mechanical and thermal treatments on the Cu/Zn disorder in Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 monograins", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 248, 112009 (2022).
Haddock J.W., Barton Z.J., Feng K., Baumbach R.E., Zhang Q., Latturner S.E., "Flux Growth of Cerium Nickel Gallides Studied by In Situ Neutron Diffraction", Inorganic Chemistry, 61, 39, 15645–15653 (2022).
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Hogrefe K., Minafra N., Hanghofer I., Banik A., Zeier W.G., Wilkening H.M., "Opening Diffusion Pathways through Site Disorder: The Interplay of Local Structure and Ion Dynamics in the Solid Electrolyte Li6+xP1–xGexS5I as Probed by Neutron Diffraction and NMR", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 1795-1812 (2022).
Htet C.S., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Kong J., Marlton F., Nayak S., Jorgensen M., Pramanick A., "Effect of Local Structural Distortions on Antiferroelectric–Ferroelectric Phase Transition in Dilute Solid Solutions of KxNa1–xNbO3", Inorganic Chemistry, 50, 20277-20287 (2022).
Htet C.S., Nayak S., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Kong J., Soerensen D.R., Marlton F., Joergensen M.R., Pramanick A., "Atomic structural mechanism for ferroelectric-antiferroelectric transformation in perovskite NaNbO 3", Physical Review B, 105, 174113 (2022).
Hu Y., Gottfried J.L., Pesce-Rodriguez R., Wu C.C., Walck S.D., Liu Z., Balakrishnan S., Broderick S., Guo Z., Zhang Q., An L., Adlakha R., Nouh M., Zhou C., Chung P.W., Ren S., "Releasing chemical energy in spatiallyprogrammed ferroelectrics", Nature Communications, 13, 6959 (2022).
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