Publications from Research Conducted at POWGEN

The following 305 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2018 2 Publications

Gurieva G., Rios L.E., Franz A., Whitfield P., Schorr S., Intrinsic point defects in off-stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnSe4: A neutron diffraction study Journal of Applied Physics, 123, 16, 161519 (2018).
Tumurugoti P., Sundaram S.K., Misture S.T., Cesium immobilization in (Ba,Cr)-hollandites: Effects on structure Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 258, Supplement C, 72-78 (2018).

2017 37 Publications

al-Wahish A.B., al-Binni U., Tetard L., Bridges C.A., Kharel K., Guenaydın-Sen O., Huq A., Musfeldt J.L., Paranthaman M.P., Mandrus D., Structure and Dynamics Investigations of Sr/Ca-Doped LaPO4 Proton Conductors Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121, 22, 11991-12002 (2017).
Aman A., Jordan R., Chen Y., Stadelmann R., Lugovy M., Orlovskaya N., Payzant E.A., dela Cruz C., Reece M.J., Graule T., Kuebler J., Non-congruence of high-temperature mechanical and structural behaviors of LaCoO3 based perovskites Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 37, 4, 1563-1576 (2017).
Ball M.R., First Principles Study of Electronic and Magnetic Structures in Double Perovskites Ph.D. Dissertation, Ohio State University Research Foundation (2017).
Bansal D., Niedziela J., May A.F., Said A.H., Ehlers G., Abernathy D.L., Huq A., Kirkham M.J., Zhou H.D., Delaire O., Lattice dynamics and thermal transport in multiferroic CuCrO 2 Physical Review B, 95, 5, 054306 (2017).
Dolyniuk J.A., Whitfield P., Lee K., Lebedev O.I., Kovnir K., Controlling superstructural ordering in the clathrate-I Ba8M16P30 (M = Cu, Zn) through the formation of metal–metal bonds Chemical Science, 8, 5, 3650-3659 (2017).
Dolyniuk J.A., Zaikina J.V., Kaseman D.C., Sen S., Kovnir K., Breaking the Tetra-Coordinated Framework Rule: New Clathrate Ba8M24P28+δ (M=Cu/Zn) Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56, 9, 2418-2422 (2017).
Figueiras F.G., Karpinsky D.V., Tavares P.B., Santos Goncalves J.N., Yanez-Vilar S., Tovar M., Franz A., dos Santos A.M., Moreira J.A., Amaral V.S., Novel multiferroic state and ME enhancement by breaking the AFM frustration in LuMn1-xO3 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 2, 1335-1341 (2017).
Ge L., Flynn J., Paddison J., Stone M.B., Calder S., Subramanian M.A., Ramirez A.P., Mourigal M., Spin order and dynamics in the diamond-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnets CuRh 2 O 4 and CoRh 2 O 4 Physical Review B, 96, 6, 064413 (2017).
Giampaoli G., Li J., Ramirez A.P., Sleight A.W., Subramanian M.A., Bi2–xCaxIr2O6+y Pyrochlore Phases: Structure and Properties with Varied Ir Oxidation State from 3.9+ to 4.3+ Inorganic Chemistry, 56, 8, 4706–4715 (2017).
Guin M., Dashjav E., Kumar C.M., Tietz F., Guillon O., Investigation of crystal structure and ionic transport in a scandium-based NASICON material by neutron powder diffraction Solid State Sciences, 67, 30-36 (2017).
Hester B.R., Hancock J.C., Lapidus S., Wilkinson A.P., Composition, Response to Pressure and Negative Thermal Expansion in MIIBIVF6; M – Ca, Mg, B – Zr, Nb Chemistry of Materials, 29, 2, 823-831 (2017).
Hona R.K., Huq A., Mulmi S., Ramezanipour F., Transformation of Structure, Electrical Conductivity, and Magnetism in AA′Fe2O6−δ, A = Sr, Ca and A′ = Sr 56, 16, 9716–9724 (2017).
Jacobs P., Houben A., Schweika W., Tchougreeff A.L., Dronskowski R., Instrumental resolution as a function of scattering angle and wavelength as exemplified for the POWGEN instrument Journal of Applied Crystallography, 50, 3, 866-875 (2017).
Kan W.H., Kuppan S., Cheng L., Doeff M., Nanda J., Huq A., Chen G., Crystal Chemistry and Electrochemistry of LixMn1.5Ni0.5O4 Solid Solution Cathode Materials Chemistry of Materials, 29, 16, 6818–6828 (2017).
Kaveevivitchai W., Huq A., Manthiram A., Microwave-assisted chemical insertion: A rapid technique for screening cathodes for Mg-ion batteries Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 5, 2309-2318 (2017).
Kaveevivitchai W., Huq A., Wang S., Park M.J., Manthiram A., Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Batteries Based on an Open-Tunnel Framework Small, 13, 34, 1701296 (2017).
Kumar D., Chen S.Y., Lee M.K., Kumar C.M., Aldus R., Chang L.J., Low temperature magnetic properties of frustrated pyrochlore ferromagnet Ho 2 Ir 2 O 7 Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 828, 1, 012008 (2017).
Lin C.C., Tsai Y.T., Johnston H.E., Fang M.H., Yu F., Zhou W., Whitfield P., Li Y., Wang J., Liu R.S., Attfield J.P., Enhanced Photoluminescence Emission and Thermal Stability from Introduced Cation Disorder in Phosphors Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 34, 11766–11770 (2017).
Liu H., Liu H., Lapidus S., Meng Y.S., Chupas P.J., Chapman K.W., Sensitivity and Limitations of Structures from X-ray and Neutron-Based Diffraction Analyses of Transition Metal Oxide Lithium-Battery Electrodes Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 164, 9, A1802-A1811 (2017).
Liu J., Whitfield P., Saccomanno M.R., Bo S.H., Hu E., Yu X., Bai J., Grey C.P., Yang X.Q., Khalifah P.G., In situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Ion Exchange Synthesis Mechanism of Li2Mg2P3O9N: Evidence for Hidden Phase Transition Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 27, 9192–9202 (2017).
McAuliffe R.D., Miller C.A., Zhang X., Hulbert B.S., Huq A., dela Cruz C., Schleife A., Shoemaker D.P., Structural, Electronic, and Optical Properties of K2Sn3O7 with an Offset Hollandite Structure Inorganic Chemistry, 205, 31-49 (2017).
McGuire M.A., Garlea V.O., KC S., Cooper V.R., Yan J.Q., Cao H.B., Sales B.C., Antiferromagnetism in the van der Waals layered spin-lozenge semiconductor CrTe 3 Physical Review B, 95, 14, 144421 (2017).
Mohanty D., Mazumder B., Devaraj A., Sefat A.S., Huq A., David L.A., Payzant E.A., Li J., Wood III D.L., Daniel C., Resolving the Degradation Pathways in High-Voltage Oxides for High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries; Alternation in Chemistry, Composition and Crystal structures Nano Energy, 36, 76–84 (2017).
Pierce E.M., Lilova K.I., Missimer D.M., Lukens W.W., Wu L., Fitts J.P., Rawn C.J., Huq A., Leonard D.N., Eskelsen J.R., Woodfield B.F., Jantzen C.M., Navrotsky A., Structure and Thermochemistry of Perrhenate Sodalite and Mixed Guest Perrhenate/Pertechnetate Sodalite Environmental Science & Technology, 51, 2, 997-1006 (2017).
Rickert K., Harris J., Sedefoglu N., Kavak H., Ellis D.E., Poeppelmeier K.R., Site Identity and Importance in Cosubstituted Bixbyite In2O3 Crystals, 7, 2, 47 (2017).
Skiadopoulou S., Spin and Lattice Excitations in Multiferroics Ph.D. Dissertation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (2017).
Somaily H.M., Kolesnik S., Dabrowski B., Chmaissem O., Thermoelectric and structural correlations in (Sr1−x−yCaxNdy) TiO3 perovskites Physical Review B, 96, 064105 (2017).
Spanjers C.S., Dasgupta A., Kirkham M.J., Burger B.A., Kumar G., Janik M.J., Rioux R.M., Determination of Bulk and Surface Atomic Arrangement in Ni-Zn Gamma Brass Phase at Different Ni to Zn Ratios Chemistry of Materials, 29, 2, 504-512 (2017).
Su X., Bromberg L., Martis V., Simeon F., Huq A., Hatton T.A., Postsynthetic Functionalization of Mg-MOF-74 with Tetraethylenepentamine: Structural Characterization and Enhanced CO2 Adsorption ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 12, 11299-11306 (2017).
Surta T.W., Manjon-Sanz A., Qian E.K., Mansergh R.H., Tran T.T., Fullmer L.B., Dolgos M., Dielectric and Ferroelectric Properties in Highly Substituted Bi2Sr(A)TiNb2O12 (A = Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+) Aurivillius Phases Chemistry of Materials, 29, 18, 7774–7784 (2017).
Taylor A.E., Calder S., Morrow R., Feng H.L., Upton M.H., Lumsden M.D., Yamaura K., Woodward P.M., Christianson A.D., Spin-Orbit Coupling Controlled J = 3 / 2 Electronic Ground State in 5 d 3 Oxides Physical Review Letters, 118, 20, 207202 (2017).
Wang D., Kou R., Ren Y., Sun C.J., Zhang M.J., Li Y., Huq A., Ko J.Y., Pan F., Sun Y., Yang Y., Amine K., Bai J., Chen Z., Chen Z., Wang F., Synthetic Control of Kinetic Reaction Pathway and Cationic Ordering in High-Ni Layered Oxide Cathodes Advanced Materials, 29, 39, 1606715 (2017).
Wang J., Yang T., Lei L., Huang K., Ta-Doped SrCoO3-δ as a Promising Bifunctional Oxygen Electrode for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: A Focused Study on Stability Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 19, 8989-9002 (2017).
Xu X., Zhang X., Yin Y., Balasubramanian B., Das B., Liu Y., Huq A., Sellmyer D.J., Anti-site mixing and magnetic properties of Fe3Co3Nb2 studied via neutron powder diffraction Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50, 2, 025002 (2017).
Zhang F.X., Zhao S., Jin K., Bei H., Popov D., Park C., Neuefeind J., Weber W., Zhang Y., Pressure-induced fcc to hcp phase transition in Ni-based high entropy solid solution alloys Applied Physics Letters, 110, 1, 011902 (2017).

2016 67 Publications

Abreu-Sepulveda M.A., Dhital C., Huq A., Li L., Bridges C.A., Paranthaman M.P., Narayanan S.R., Quesnel D.J., Tryk D.A., Manivannan A., The Influence of Fe Substitution in Lanthanum Calcium Cobalt Oxide on the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163, 9, F1124-F1132 (2016).
al-Wahish A.B., al-Binni U., Bridges C.A., Tang S., Bi Z., Paranthaman M.P., Huq A., Mandrus D., In Situ X-ray and Neutron Diffraction of the Rare-Earth Phosphate Proton Conductors Sr/Ca-Doped LaPO4 at Elevated Temperatures Chemistry of Materials, 28, 20, 7232–7240 (2016).
Allen J.L., Allen J.L., Thompson T., Delp S.A., Wolfenstine J., Jow T.R., Cr and Si Substituted-LiCo0.9Fe0.1PO4: Structure, full and half Li-ion cell performance Journal of Power Sources, 327, 229-234 (2016).
Allred J.M., Taddei K.M., Bugaris D.E., Krogstad M.J., Lapidus S., Chung D.Y., Claus H., Kanatzidis M.G., Brown D.E., Kang J.Y., Fernandes R.M., Eremin I., Rosenkranz S., Chmaissem O., Osborn R., Double-Q spin-density wave in iron arsenide superconductors Nature Physics, 12, 493–498 (2016).
Balasubramanian B., Das B., Nguyen M.C., Xu X., Zhang J., Zhang X., Liu Y., Huq A., Valloppilly S.R., Jin Y., Wang C.Z., Ho K.M., Sellmyer D.J., Structure and magnetism of new rare-earth-free intermetallic compounds: Fe3+xCo3−xTi2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 3) APL Materials, 4, 11, 116109 (2016).
Banerjee A., Bridges C.A., Yan J.Q., Aczel A.A., Li L., Stone M.B., Granroth G.E., Lumsden M.D., Yiu Y., Knolle J., Bhattacharjee S., Kovrizhin D.L., Moessner R., Tennant D.A., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., Proximate Kitaev quantum spin liquid behaviour in a honeycomb magnet Nature Materials, 15, 733–740 (2016).
Black D.R., Mendenhall M.H., Windover D., Henins A., Filliben J., Cline J.P., Certification of standard reference material 1878b respirable α-quartz Powder Diffraction, 31, 3, 211-215 (2016).
Bozin E.S., Huq A., Shen B., Claus H., Kwok W.K., Tranquada J.M., Charge-screening role of c-axis atomic displacements in YBa2Cu3O6+x and related superconductors Physical Review B, 93, 054523 (2016).
Bridges C.A., Rios O., Allard L.F., Meyer H., Huq A., Jiang Y., Wang J.P., Brady M.P., The impact of carbon coating on the synthesis and properties of a’’-Fe16N2 powders Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 13010-13017 (2016).
Buffon M.L., Laurita G., Verma N., Lamontagne L., Ghadbeigi L., Lloyd D.L., Sparks T.D., Pollock T.M., Seshadri R., Enhancement of thermoelectric properties in the Nb–Co–Sn half-Heusler/Heusler system through spontaneous inclusion of a coherent second phase Journal of Applied Physics, 120, 7, 075104 (2016).
Chatterjee S., Conroy M., Smith F., Jung H.J., Wang Z., Peterson R.A., Huq A., Burtt D.G., Ilton E.S., Buck E.C., Can Cr(III) substitute for Al(III) in the structure of Boehmite? RSC Advances, 6, 107628-107637 (2016).
Cizmar E., Risset O.N., Wang T., Botko M., Ahir A.R., Andrus M.J., Park J.H., Abboud K.A., Talham D.R., Meisel M.W., Brown S.E., Antiferromagnetic ordering in MnF(salen) Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28, 23, 236003 (2016).
Duan B., Yang J., Salvador J.R., He Y., Zhao B., Wang S., Wei P., Ohuchi F.S., Zhang W., Hermann R.P., Gourdon O., Mao S.X., Cheng Y., Wang C., Liu J., Zhai P., Tang X., Zhang Q., Yang J., Electronegative Guests in CoSb3 Energy & Environmental Science, 9, 6, 2090-2098 (2016).
Fabini D.H., Laurita G., Bechtel J.S., Stoumpos C.C., Evans H.A., Kontos A.G., Raptis Y.S., Falaras P., Van der Ven A., Kanatzidis M.G., Seshadri R., Dynamic Stereochemical Activity of the Sn2+ Lone Pair in Perovskite CsSnBr3 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 36, 11820-11832 (2016).
Flynn J., Li J., Sleight A.W., Ramirez A.P., Subramanian M.A., Structure and Properties of Ir-Containing Oxides with Large Spin–Orbit Coupling: Ba2In2–xIrxO5+δ Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 6, 2748–2754 (2016).
Gorne A.L., George J., van Leusen J., Duck G., Jacobs P., Chogondahalli Muniraju N.K., Dronskowski R., Ammonothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Properties of the Ytterbium(II) and Ytterbium(III) Amides and the First Two Rare-Earth-Metal Guanidinates, YbC(NH)3 and Yb(CN3H4)3 Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 12, 6161–6168 (2016).
He G., Huq A., Kan W.H., Manthiram A., β-NaVOPO4 Obtained by a Low-temperature Synthesis Process: A New 3.3 V Cathode for Sodium-ion Batteries Chemistry of Materials, 28, 5, 1503-1512 (2016).
Hermus M., Mansouri Tehrani A., Brgoch J., Determining a Structural Distortion and Anion Ordering in La2Si4N6C via Computation and Experiment Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 18, 9454–9460 (2016).
Hood Z.D., Kates C., Kirkham M.J., Adhikari S., Liang C., Holzwarth N.A., Structural and electrolyte properties of Li4P2S6 Solid State Ionics, 284, 61–70 (2016).
Kan W.H., Huq A., Manthiram A., Exploration of a Metastable Normal Spinel Phase Diagram for the Quaternary Li-Ni-Mn-Co-O System Chemistry of Materials, 28, 6, 1832–1837 (2016).
Kan W.H., Lai K.Y., Huq A., Manthiram A., Unravelling the low thermal expansion coefficient of cation-substituted YBaCo4O7+d Journal of Power Sources, 307, 454-461 (2016).
Kelly Z.A., Gallagher M.J., McQueen T.M., Electron Doping a Kagome Spin Liquid Physical Review X, 6, 041007 (2016).
Kobayashi G., Hinuma Y., Matsuoka S., Watanabe A., Iqbal M., Hirayama M., Yonemura M., Kamiyama T., Tanaka I., Kanno R., Pure H– conduction in oxyhydrides Science, 351, 6279, 1314-1317 (2016).
Latshaw A.M., Chance W.M., Morrison G., zur Loye K.D., Wilkins B.O., Smith M.D., Whitfield P., Kirkham M.J., Stoian S.A., zur Loye H.C., Synthesis of a Ferrolite: A Zeolitic All-Iron Framework Angewandte Chemie, 55, 42, 13195–13199 (2016).
Li M.R., Hodges J.P., Retuerto M., Deng Z., Stephens P.W., Croft M., Deng X., Kotliar G., Sanchez-Benitez J., Walker D., Greenblatt M., Mn2MnReO6: Synthesis and Magnetic Structure Determination of a New Transition-metal-only Double Perovskite Canted Antiferromagnet Chemistry of Materials, 28, 9, 3148–3158 (2016).
Liu J., Huq A., Moorhead-Rosenberg Z., Manthiram A., Page K., Nanoscale Ni/Mn Ordering in the High Voltage Spinel Cathode LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Chemistry of Materials, 28, 19, 6817–6821 (2016).
Lussier J.A., Devitt G., Szkop K.M., Bieringer M., Oxygen Trapping and Cation Site-Splitting in Y(2-x)PrxO3+δ (0.0≤x<2.0 and δ≤1.0) Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 242, 126-132 (2016).
Lussier J.A., Szkop K.M., Sharma A.Z., Wiebe C.R., Bieringer M., Order/Disorder and in Situ Oxide Defect Control in the Bixbyite Phase YPrO3+δ (0 ≤ δ < 0.5) Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 5, 2381-2389 (2016).
Maughan A.E., Ganose A.M., Bordelon M.M., Miller E.M., Scanlon D.O., Neilson J.R., Defect Tolerance to Intolerance in the Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Semiconductors Cs2SnI6 and Cs2TeI6 Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 27, 8453-8464 (2016).
Miskowiec A., Anderson B., Huq A., Mamontov E., Herwig K.W., Trowbridge L., Rondinone A.J., Time-dependent water dynamics in hydrated uranyl fluoride Molecular Physics, 114, 1, 61-71 (2016).
Morrow R., Soliz J.R., Hauser A.J., Gallagher J.C., Susner M.A., Sumption M.D., Aczel A.A., Yan J.Q., Yang F., Woodward P.M., The effect of chemical pressure on the structure and properties of A2CrOsO6 (A=Sr, ca) ferrimagnetic double perovskite Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 238, 46-52 (2016).
Morrow R., Taylor A.E., Singh D.J., Xiong J., Rodan S., Wolter A.U., Wurmehl S., Buchner B., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., Aczel A.A., Christianson A.D., Woodward P.M., Spin-orbit coupling control of anisotropy, ground state and frustration in 5d2 Sr2MgOsO6 Scientific Reports, 6, 32462 (2016).
Murshed M.M., Zhao P., Fischer M., Huq A., Alekseev E.V., Gesing T.M., Thermal expansion modeling of framework-type Na[AsW2O9] and K[AsW2O9] Materials Research Bulletin, 84, 273-282, 273-282 (2016).
Rau J.G., Wu L.S., May A.F., Poudel L., Winn B., Garlea V.O., Huq A., Whitfield P., Taylor A.E., Lumsden M.D., Gingras M., Christianson A.D., Anisotropic Exchange within Decoupled Tetrahedra in the Quantum Breathing Pyrochlore Ba3Yb2Zn5O11 Physical Review Letters, 116, 257204 (2016).
Redhammer G.J., Rettenwander D., Pristat S., Dashjav E., Kumar C.M., Topa D., Tietz F., A single crystal X-ray and powder neutron diffraction study on NASICON-type Li1+xAlxTi2−x(PO4)3 (0 < x < 0.5) crystals: Implications on ionic conductivity Solid State Sciences, 60, 99-107 (2016).
Retuerto M., Skiadopoulou S., Li M.R., Abakumov A.M., Croft M., Ignatov A., Sarkar T., Abbett B.M., Pokorny J., Savinov M., Nuzhnyy D., Prokleska J., Abeykoon M., Stephens P.W., Hodges J.P., Vanek P., Fennie C.J., Rabe K.M., Kamba S., Greenblatt M., Pb2MnTeO6 Double Perovskite: An Antipolar Anti-ferromagnet Inorganic Chemistry, 55 , 4320–4329, 9 (2016).
Rickert K., The Impact of Local Coordination Environments on Transparency and Conductivity in Select Fluorite-Related Systems Ph.D. Dissertation, Northwestern University (2016).
Rickert K., Boullay P., Malo S., Caignaert V., Poeppelmeier K.R., A Rutile Chevron Modulation in Delafossite-Like Ga3–xIn3TixO9+x/2 Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 9, 4403–4409 (2016).
Santodonato L., Temperature-Dependent Structures and Atomic Mixing Behaviors in High-Entropy Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2016).
Sesselmann A., Klobes B., Dasgupta T.S., Gourdon O., Hermann R.P., Mueller E., Neutron diffraction and thermoelectric properties of indium filled InxCo4Sb12 (x = 0.05, 0.2) and indium cerium filled Ce0.05In0.1Co4Sb12 skutterudites Physica Status Solidi A, 213, 3, 766–773 (2016).
Sharits A.R., Structure-Property Relationships in Noncentrosymmetric Layered Perovskites Ph.D. Dissertation, Ohio State University Research Foundation (2016).
Sharits A.R., Khoury J.F., Woodward P.M., Evaluating NaREMgWO6 (RE = La, Gd, Y) Doubly Ordered Double Perovskites as Eu3+ Phosphor Hosts Inorganic Chemistry, 55, 23, 12383–12390 (2016).
Sterri K.B., Deringer V.L., Houben A., Jacobs P., Chogondahalli Muniraju N.K., Dronskowski R., Neutron powder diffraction and theory-aided structure refinement of rubidium and cesium ureate Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung B, 71, 5, 431–438 (2016).
Taddei K.M., Allred J.M., Bugaris D.E., Lapidus S., Krogstad M.J., Stadel R., Claus H., Chung D.Y., Kanatzidis M.G., Rosenkranz S., Osborn R., Chmaissem O., Detailed magnetic and structural analysis mapping a robust magnetic C4 dome in Sr1−xNaxFe2As2 Physical Review B, 93, 134510 (2016).
Tamimi M.A., Ionic Conductivity and its Role in Oxidation Reactions Ph.D. Dissertation, Lehigh University (2016).
Taylor D.D., Schreiber N.J., Levitas B.D., Xu W., Whitfield P., Rodriguez E.E., Oxygen storage properties of La1-xSrxFeO3-δ for chemical-looping reactions – an in-situ neutron and synchrotron X-ray study Chemistry of Materials, 28, 11, 3951–3960 (2016).
Tedesco J.C., Pedro S.S., Caraballo Vivas R.J., Cruz C., Andrade V.M., dos Santos A.M., Carvalho A.M., Costa M., Venezuela P., Rocco D.L., Reis M.S., Chemical disorder determines the deviation of the Slater–Pauling rule for Fe2MnSi-based Heusler alloys: evidences from neutron diffraction and density functional theory Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28, 47, 476002 (2016).
Tomkiewicz A., Insights into the link between bulk and surface properties of solid oxide fuel cell cathode materials Ph.D. Dissertation, Lehigh University (2016).
Tomkiewicz A., Tamimi M.A., Huq A., McIntosh S., Structural analysis of PrBaMn2O5+δ under SOFC anode conditions by in-situ neutron powder diffraction Journal of Power Sources, 330, 240-245 (2016).
Trease N.M., Seymour I.D., Radin M., Liu H., Hy S., Liu H., Chernova N.A., Parikh P., Devaraj A., Wiaderek K.M., Chupas P.J., Chapman K.W., Whittingham M.S., Meng Y.S., Van der Ven A., Grey C.P., Identifying the distribution of Al3+ in LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Chemistry of Materials, 28, 22, 8170–8180 (2016).
Valle Rios L.E., Structural trends in off-stoichiometric kesterite type compound Cu2ZnSnSe4 semiconductor Ph.D. Dissertation, Freie Universitat Berlin (2016).
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Wang H., Kirkham M.J., Watkins T.R., Payzant E.A., Salvador J.R., Thompson A.J., Sharp J.W., Brown D., Miller D., Neutron and x-ray powder diffraction study of skutterudite thermoelectrics Powder Diffraction, 31, 1, 16-22 (2016).
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Yang H., In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies on Phase Transformation and Functional Behaviors of Ni(Mn)-Fe-Ga Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, Northeastern University China (2016).
Yang H., Chen Y., Bei H., dela Cruz C., Wang Y.D., An K., Annealing effects on the structural and magnetic properties of off-stoichiometric Fe-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Materials & Design, 104, 327–332 (2016).
Zhang Q., Kumar C.M., Tian W., Dennis K.W., Goldman A.I., Vaknin D., Structure and magnetic properties of LnMnSbO (Ln=La and Ce) Physical Review B, 93, 094413 (2016).
Zhao J., Zhang W., Huq A., Misture S.T., Zhang B., Guo S., Wu L., Zhu Y., Chen Z., Amine K., Pan F., Bai J., Wang F., In Situ Probing and Synthetic Control of Cationic Ordering in Ni-Rich Layered Oxide Cathodes Advanced Energy Materials, 1601266 (2016).
Zhou S., Barim G., Morgan B.J., Melot B.C., Brutchey R.L., Influence of Rotational Distortions on Li+- and Na+-Intercalation in Anti-NASICON Fe2(MoO4)3 Chemistry of Materials, 28, 12, 4492–4500 (2016).

2015 68 Publications

Abreu Sepulveda M., Williams D.E., Huq A., Dhital C., Li Y., Paranthaman M.P., Zaghib K., Manivannan A., Synthesis and characterization of substituted garnet and perovskite-based lithium-ion conducting solid electrolytes Ionics, 1-9 (2015).
Abughayada C., Air separation and oxygen storage properties of hexagonal rare-earth manganites Ph.D. Dissertation, Northern Illinois University (2015).
Abughayada C., Dabrowski B., Kolesnik S., Brown D.E., Chmaissem O., Characterization of oxygen storage and structural properties of oxygen-loaded hexagonal RMnO3+sigma (R = Ho, Er, and Y) Chemistry of Materials, 27, 18, 6259–6267 (2015).
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2013 46 Publications

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