Information for POWGEN Users


  1. POWGEN has started a new partnership with beam line 11BM at the Advanced Photon Source where users can get x-ray data if they have an approved proposal at POWGEN.  This option is not available for mail in proposals.

  2. German users have the option of submitting proposals through the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) system to access POWGEN beam-time. Users from German universities are additionally eligible to obtain funds from JCNS to assist with travel, accommodation and subsistence during their POWGEN beam-time. Details of the JCNS proposal deadline (not necessarily the same as the SNS deadline), templates, and travel support can be found on this page.

Become a POWGEN User 

Shipping Addresses for Samples 

Please visit the ORNL User Facilities Sample Handling and Shipping page.

Quick Start Guides for Sample Changes and PPS

How to change a sample with the gas-flow furnace

How to change a sample with the ILL furnace

How to change a sample with the MICAS furnace

How to change a sample with the Janis Cryofurnace and the High Temperature Stick

How to change a sample with the Janis Cryofurnace and the Low Temperature Stick (5-500 K)

How to change a sample with the Orange Cryostat

How to Close the Shutter and Access the Sample Pit

How to load and unload the PAC sample changer

Removing Samples from Beamline 11a


Data Reduction and Analysis by Run Cycle

Cycle GSAS GSAS-II Fullprof Topas PDF Manuals
2018-B GSAS.prm








Data Reduction

Data Aquisition

2017-AB GSAS.prm GSAS-II.instprm Fullprof.irf

Topas .inp


Data Description

D ata reduction

Data acquisition

2016-B GSAS   Fullprof Topas PDF Data acquisition
2016-A GSAS   Fullprof Topas PDF Data acquisition
Data reduction
PDF analysis


Setting up a Two-bank refinement using GSAS or Fullprof

How to access POWGEN data

Help information is available for those with internal access

  1. Create an ORNL Resource account (if you don’t already have one) at the ORNL Guest Portal.
    • You can then login to our analysis cluster by clicking on Launch Session in Login credentials will be the same as XCAMS. You can also install ThinLinc client on your local machine. Step by step instructions are provide in the document POWGEN_Data_Access_User_Manual.
  2. Once you login under your home directory you will see the following folder structure/data/SNS/PG3/IPTS-#/. All the run numbers will appear for your data. Data is automatically reduced to gsas (extension .gsa) and fullprof (extension .dat) files using the default parameters. Those data can be found in the /shared/autoreduce folder. If you fail to see the IPTS-# folder then try /SNS/PG3/IPTS-#/shared/autoreduce. This is the real location of the file whereas the first one is a symlink.

    You can of course re reduce data with other binning values using mantidplot. Please refer to data reduction manuals above for details.
  3. Secure ftp or secure shell will allow you to get the data onto your local drive. Select one of the programs below to download: or
    Enter the following information to connect to the analysis computers:
    Username and password
    Port: 22

    Parameter files for GSAS and IRF files for fullprof can be downloaded from the table titled Data Reduction and Analysis by Run Cycle (scroll up). Be sure to pick the correct cycle. Also these files are stored in the /SNS/PG3/run_cycle_11A_CAL folder in the analysis computer where cycle is year_1 or year_2 based on cycle A or B.

    A summary file called PG3_IPTS-xxxxx_runsummary.csv can be found in the /SNS/PG3/IPTS-xxxxx/shared/autoreduce folder which is also where the data is stored (where xxxxx need to be replace by your IPTS #). The data formats are:

    • Extension .gsa for GSAS : Files are numbered with banks which correspond to the wavelength used. Please use the corresponding bank # from the parameter files for refinements
    • Extension .dat for fullprof : The data file names themselves tell you which bank they are and the same bank IRF file should be used
    • Extension .xye for topas Help information is available for those with internal access.