User Program Training

To ensure that experiments are performed safely, all users are required to successfully complete three types of training:

  1. Prearrival, web-based training
  2. Radiological worker training (web and classroom)
  3. Facility-specific training

Web-Based Training

When your proposal has been accepted and you have been approved for site access, you will receive an e-mail with training requirements and links to web-based training.

Users must complete the following web-based training, available in the Guest Portal, before arriving at ORNL:

  • ORNL Site Access Training
  • For users going to the High Flux Isotope Reactor: HFIR General User Access Training (GUAT for Neutron Scattering Users)
  • For users going to the Spallation Neutron Source: SNS Experiment Hall Access Training
  • Radiological Worker Training for HFIR and SNS Users – A classroom practical factors evaluation is required after successful completion of the web-based radiological worker training. Evaluations are conducted Monday through Friday and will be scheduled for you after your arrival date has been determined. Users must be scheduled by the User Office to attend this evaluation.

Facility-Specific Training

Additional training requirements will be identified for access to specific areas (beam lines, laboratories, preparation area, etc.). Users will complete instrument-specific training before being allowed to use HFIR or SNS instruments.