Travel Information

NOTICE: Availability, Scheduling and Travel

We are committed to ensuring that the Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope Reactor neutron sources and beam line equipment are available to users in accordance with published schedules. However, there may be occasions when the neutron sources and/or beam line equipment are not available as planned.

When user beam time is lost because of neutron source or beam line system issues, we are committed to actively working with users to reschedule beam time in a timely manner to minimize impact to the affected users. However, to minimize overall user community impact, it is generally necessary to maintain the schedule for unaffected experiments.

In accordance with our sponsor’s policies, please be aware that ORNL and NScD cannot reimburse users for travel expenses that they may incur should the neutron source or beam line not be available. Therefore, we suggest that users only purchase refundable transportation tickets.