History and Achievements


  • WiNS was started in September 2016 by Rana Ashkar, Shull Fellow 
  • WiNS was established to promote professional development and encourage diversity, inclusion, and engagement of employees
  • Seven Lunch & Learn events and five offsite events in 2017
  • Initiated the Negotiations, Problem Solving, and Conflict Management Workshop for ORNL in September 2017
  • Committee participation in Women's Leadership Workshop 2017, 2018
  • Opened the Lactation Room at HFIR in January 2018
  • Hosted Women's Dinner at ACNS in 2018
  • ORNL 75th Anniversary Events (provided Women in Science cutouts with the Diversity Office) in 2018
  • Career and Networking Event at the Neutron School (Keynote: Fulvia Pilat) in 2018
  • Partnership Events with Liane Russell and Women in Computing in 2018
  • Developed the WiNS website in October 2018
  • Partnered with the Smoky Mountain Society of Women Engineers on the ORISE Career Connection Day and ORNL Professional Organizations Day, 2018
  • Seven Lunch & Learn events and eleven offsite social events in 2018
  • Seminal event and Neutron School collaboration with speaker Despina Louca in June 2019
  • Seven Lunch & Learn events in 2019 including one external speaker Dame Julia Higgins
  • Fourteen offsite social events in 2019 including the second annual famiy picnic
  • Hosted tea and coffee networking events in coordination wtih invited speakers
  • Created the "Spotlight on Women in Neutron Sciences" web page highlighting eight women from across ORNL Neutron Sciences Directorate