If you missed the Technician Development and Career Pathways Lunch and Learn, click here to view the recording

WiNS Learning and Development is hosting a lunch and learn event to discuss technician development and career pathways. Please see attached flyer for details and contact Makayla Edwards with any questions. This event will focus on understanding the foundation of job classification and position requirements, pathways to career development for technicians, and technical training opportunities. Although this event mainly focuses on technician career development, all staff are encouraged to attend – especially group leaders and other supervisor roles.

Brian Weston will also introduce a new conceptual collaborative cohort program with Tennessee Tech University to allow staff to earn their Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology degree at ORNL.

The moderator and speakers encourage participant questions and conversation throughout the event. To best address questions/concerns on career development, please email Makayla with any questions you may have ahead of time and feel free to bring them up during the event as they come.

If you missed the Lunch and Learn with Susan Hogle and Kathy McCarthy, click here to view the recording

Susan Hogle Bio:  A nuclear engineer, Dr. Susan Hogle is director of the Radioisotope Science and Technology Division of the Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate. She also leads the Office of Science for Isotope R&D and Production to develop enhanced, on-demand production of berkelium-249 in support of superheavy element discovery missions, and for advanced manufacturing of isotope production target bodies.

Kathy McCarthy Bio:  Kathy McCarthy joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 2020 after three years as Laboratory Director and Vice President for Science and Technology for the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, where she oversaw a staff of 650 and grew the labs’ commercial work. She previously held a variety of engineering and leadership roles at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), including Director of Domestic Programs in INL’s Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate, Director of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program Technical Integration Office, and National Technical Director for the Systems Analysis Campaign for DOE Office of Nuclear Energy’s Fuel Cycle R&D Program.

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