Women in Neutron Sciences (WiNS) – Empower, Encourage, Enlighten

The Women in Neutron Sciences (WiNS) group promotes professional development of women at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. WiNS seeks to foster a work environment that is equitable and inclusive through thoughtful discussion, awareness, outreach, learning events, partnerships, and support.

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WiNS - WAC Monthly Meeting



WiNS Spotlight Nomination Form

As outlined in the mission statement, Women in Neutron Sciences promotes the professional development of women. The WiNS Spotlight Nomination Form below is intended to help nominate women across the lab to recognize their notable accomplishments and/or significant project contributions.

Due to our fast-changing groups, we ask managers and work colleagues to help us identify women in your group suitable of this nomination. Nominees will be featured quarterly on our WiNS website. Please go to link below to fill out a Nomination Form. 


WiNS Nomination Form


WiNS Executive Committee

Neelam Pradhan

Vice Chair
Dana Humphreys

Brittany McCarty

Learning & Development Project Lead
Makayla Edwards

Recognition & Engagement Project Lead
Rob Knudson

Outreach & Networking Project Lead
Cristina Boone

Strategic Events Project Lead
Shelly Ren

Spotlight on Women in Neutrons
Layla Marshall

Outings Coordinator Project Lead
Monique Wesh

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Carrie Elliot

HR Advisor

Lisa Bollinger


Members at Large

Cyndi Esau

Alicia Manjon Sanz

Cassie Sabens

Angel Berrocal

Jennifer Earles


Some links from our members and colleagues:

  1. Explore stories of Women in STEM through this fantastic series of posters: Posters – Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (ingeniumcanada.org)
  2. Story and video about the difficulty of working mothers during the pandemic https://www.kulikulifoods.com/pages/supermoms for the “SuperMoms here at ORNL” in his own words