Neutron scattering staff share science lessons with their kids

If you’ve ever wondered whether brilliant scientists raise brilliant science-minded children, look no further than the Secret City Scientists video series presented by WiNS. The fun-filled videos feature NScD staff and their families having a blast explaining some of the scientific concepts used in neutron scattering.

In the “Pickleball & The Hamiltonian Function,” Barry Winn and his children play a game of Pickleball to demonstrate the Hamiltonian Function in action. Clarina dela Cruz and her family sing the “Magnet Song,” inspired by a Filipino nursery rhyme to explain the basic concepts of magnetism. And, in the “Simple Siphon Experiment,” Huibo Cao’s daughter demonstrates how straws can be used to siphon water from one place to another.

Pickleball & The Hamiltonian Function

Magnet Song

Simple Siphon Experiment