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The following 582 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 52 Publications

Bozin E.S., Xie H., Abeykoon A.M., Everett S.M., Tucker M.G., Kanatzidis M.G., Billinge S.J., "Local Sn Dipolar-Character Displacements behind the Low Thermal Conductivity in SnSe Thermoelectric", Physical Review Letters, 131, 3, 036101 (2023).
Cai H., Chen R., Bahri M., Hawkins C., Sonni M., Daniels L., Lim J.A., Evans J., Zanella M., Jones L., Manning T., Veal T., Hardwick L., Dyer M., Browning N., Claridge J.B., Rosseinsky M.J., "Fluorine-Rich Oxyfluoride Spinel-like Li1.25Ni0.625Mn1.125O3F Utilizing Redox-Active Ni and Mn for High Capacity and Improved Cyclability", ACS Materials Letters, 5, 527-535 (2023).
Dong J., Jiang Y., Sun Y., Liu J., Pei J., Li W., Tan X.Y., Hu L., Jia N., Xu B., Li Q., Li J.F., Yan Q., Kanatzidis M.G., "Discordant Distortion in Cubic GeMnTe2 and High Thermoelectric Properties of GeMnTe2-x%SbTe", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 1988-1996 (2023).
Emery R., Rios O., Lass E.A., Jorgensen C.S., Gilbert D., Meier W.R., Koehler M.R., Rack P.D., "Identification of low coefficient of thermal expansion in Al23Ce4Ni6 via combinatorial sputtering of Al-Ce-Ni-Mn thin films and upscaling to bulk materials", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 968, 172220 (2023).
Gebretsadik A.S., Wang R., Alyami A.S., Adawi H., Lussier J.G., Page K., Schroeder A., "Atomic disorder in Ni-V alloys studied using neutron scattering", Physical Review B, 108, 18, 184106 (2023).
Gussev I., O'Quinn E.C., Tucker M.G., Ewing R.C., Overstreet C., Neuefeind J., Everett M.S., Zhang Q., Sprouster D.J., Olds D., Baldinozzi G., Lang M., "Systematic study of short- and long-range correlations in RE3TaO7 weberite-type compounds by neutron total scattering and X-ray diffraction", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 8886-8903 (2023).
Halstenberg P., "Synthesizing, Purifying, and Characterizing Molten Chloride Salts", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Tennessee (2023).
Huang J., Ouyang B., Zhang Y., Yin L., Kwon D.H., Cai Z., Lun Z., Zeng G., Balasubramanian M., Ceder G., "Inhibiting collective cation migration in Li-rich cathode materials as a strategy to mitigate voltage hysteresis", Nature Materials, 22, 353-361 (2023).
Imer M.R., Suescun L., Rabuffetti F.A., "A small-box approach to the local crystal structure of Y3NbO7", Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2023).
Jiang B., Neu J., Olds D., Kimber S.A., Page K., Siegrist T., "The curious case of the structural phase transition in SnSe insights from neutron total scattering", Nature Communications, 14, 3211 (2023).
Jiang B., Pitike K.C., Lin D., Purdy S., Wang X., Zhao Y., Zhang Y., Metz P., Macias A., Meyer III H.M., Borisevich A.Y., Yan J.Q., Cooper V.R., Bridges C.A., Page K., "Local cation ordering in compositionally complex Ruddlesden–Popper n = 1 oxides", APL Materials, 11, 051104 (2023).
Jiao S., Sun Y., Wang J., Shi D., Li Y., Jiang X., Wang F., Zhang Y., Liu J., Wang X., Yu X., Li H., Chen L., Huang X., "The Mechanism of Fluorine Doping for the Enhanced Lithium Storage Behavior in Cation-Disordered Cathode Oxide", Advanced Energy Materials, 2301636 (2023).
Kirsch A., Bojesen E.D., Lefeld N., Larsen R., Mathiesen J.K., Skjaervo S.H., Pittkowski R.K., Sheptyakov D., Jensen K.M., "High-Entropy Oxides in the Mullite-Type Structure", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 20, 8664–8674 (2023).
Kong J., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Marlton F., Lo T.W., Lei D., Joergensen M.R., Pramanick A., "Scaling behavior of order parameters for the hybrid improper ferroelectric ( Ca , Sr ) 3 Ti 2 O 7", Physical Review B, 107, 224103 (2023).
Lawrence E.A., Davenport M., Devi R., Cai Z., Avdeev M.V., Belnap J.R., Liu J., Alnaser H., Ho A., Sparks T.D., Sai Gautam G., Allred J.M., Ji H., "Reversible Electrochemical Lithium Cycling in a Vanadium(IV)- and Niobium(V)-Based Wadsley–Roth Phase", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 3470-3483 (2023).
Li W., Li W., Li M., Chien P.H., Wang S., Yu C., King G., Hu Y., Xiao Q., Shakouri M., Feng R., Fu B., Abdolvand H., Fraser A., Li R., Huang Y., Liu J., Sham T.K., Sun X., "Lithium-compatible and air-stable vacancy-rich Li9N2Cl3 for high–areal capacity, long-cycling all–solid-state lithium metal batteries", Science Advances, 9, 42, (2023).
Liang S., Hu H., Shen H., Li Q., Qiu N., Guo H., Guo X., Du S., Zhu Y., Liu J., Attfield J.P., Yang M., "Nickel-nitride composite: An eco-friendly and efficient alternative to platinum for electrocatalytic hydrogen production", Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 337, 123008 (2023).
Lin K., Zhang W., Yu C., Sun Q., Cao Y., Li W., Jiang S.H., Li Q., Zhang Q., An K., Chen Y., Yu D., Liu J., Kato K., Gu L., Zhang Q., Kuang X., Tang Y., Miao J., Xing X., "Chemical heterogeneity modulated zero thermal expansion alloy over super-wide temperature range", Cell Reports Physical Science, 4, 101254 (2023).
Liu H., Shi X., Yao Y., Luo H., Li Q., Huang H., Qi H., Zhang Y., Ren Y., Kelly S.D., Roleder K., Neuefeind J., Chen L.Q., Xing X., Chen J., "Emergence of high piezoelectricity from competing local polar order-disorder in relaxor ferroelectrics", Nature Communications, 14, 1007 (2023).
Liu H., Sun Z., Zhang J., Luo H., Yao Y., Wang X., Qi H., Deng S., Liu J., Gallington L.C., Zhang Y., Neuefeind J., Chen J., "Local Chemical Clustering Enabled Ultrahigh Capacitive Energy Storage in Pb-Free Relaxors", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 35, 19396–19404 (2023).
Liu H., Sun Z., Zhang J., Luo H., Zhang Q., Yao Y., Deng S., Qi H., Liu J., Gallington L.C., Neuefeind J., Chen J., "Chemical Design of Pb-Free Relaxors for Giant Capacitive Energy Storage", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 11764-11772 (2023).
Liu S., Dong W., Ren Z., Ge J., Fu S., Wu Z., Wu J., Lou Y., Zhang W., Chen H., Yin W., Ren Y., Neuefeind J., You Z., Liu Y., Wang X.L., Lan S., "Medium-range order endows a bulk metallic glass with enhanced tensile ductility", Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 159, 10-20 (2023).
Liu S., Qi W., Liu J., Meng X., Adimi S., Attfield J.P., Yang M., "Modulating Electronic Structure to Improve the Solar to Hydrogen Efficiency of Cobalt Nitride with Lattice Doping", ACS Catalysis, 13, 2214–2222 (2023).
Luo H., Liu H., Huang H., Song Y., Tucker M.G., Sun Z., Yao Y., Gao B., Ren Y., Tang M., Qi H., Deng S., Zhang S., Chen J., "Achieving giant electrostrain of above 1% in (Bi,Na)TiO3-based lead-free piezoelectrics via introducing oxygen-defect composition", Science Advances, 9, eade7078 (2023).
Nandwana P., Fancher C.M., Kannan R., Babsuska T.F., Krick B., Kustas A., "Disorder-Order Transformation in Fe-50%Co Fabricated via Laser Powder Bed Fusion", Additive Manufacturing, 7, 100174 (2023).
Newnham J.A., Gibson Q.D., Surta T.W., Morscher A., Manning T., Daniels L., Claridge J.B., Rosseinsky M.J., "Low thermal conductivity in Bi8CsO8SeX7 (X = Cl, Br) by combining different structural motifs", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 29, 15739-15748 (2023).
Paladugu S., Metz P., Luo S., Li M., Liu J., Meyer H., Wu Y., Wu Z., Page K., "In Situ Neutron Scattering Studies on the Oxidation and Reduction of CeO2 and Pt–CeO2 Nanorods", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127, 3689-3697 (2023).
Philip S.S., Louca D.A., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., "Suppression of Stacking Order with Doping in 1T-TaS2−xSex", Condensed Matter, 8, 4, 89 (2023).
Philip S.S., Neuefeind J., Stone M.B., Louca D.A., "Local structure anomaly with the charge ordering transition of 1 T − TaS 2", Physical Review B, 107, 184109 (2023).
Pouvreau M., Guo Q., Wang H.W., Schenter G.K., Pearce C.I., Clark A., Rosso K.M., "An Efficient Reactive Force Field without Explicit Coordination Dependence for Studying Caustic Aluminum Chemistry", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 6743-6748 (2023).
Shao B., Das R., Huang Y., Deng R., Seelman S., Han F., "Structural Evolution During Solution-Based Synthesis of Li7P3S11 Solid Electrolyte by Synchrotron X-ray Total Scattering", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, 32, 17035-17044 (2023).
Shi Y., Deng B., Gulbiten O., Bauchy M., Zhou Q., Neuefeind J., Elliott S.R., Smith N.J., Allan D.C., "Revealing the relationship between liquid fragility and medium-range order in silicate glasses", Nature Communications, 14, 13 (2023).
Shi Y., Deng B., Neuefeind J., Zhou Q., Smedskjaer M.M., Elliott S.R., Bauchy M., "Revealing the effect of medium-range structure on silicate glass hardness", Physical Review Materials , 7, 013602 (2023).
Sun Y., Jiao S., Wang J., Zhang Y., Liu J., Wang X., Kang L., Yu X., Li H., Chen L., Huang X., "Expandable Li Percolation Network: The Effects of Site Distortion in Cation-Disordered Rock-Salt Cathode Material", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 11717-11726 (2023).
Sun Z., Zhang J., Luo H., Yao Y., Wang N., Chen L., Li T., Hu C., Qi H., Deng S., Gallington L.C., Zhang Y., Neuefeind J., Liu H., Chen J., "Superior Capacitive Energy-Storage Performance in Pb-Free Relaxors with a Simple Chemical Composition", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 6194-6202 (2023).
Szymanski N.J., Lun Z., Liu J., Self E.C., Bartel C.J., Nanda J., Ouyang B., Ceder G., "Modeling Short-Range Order in Disordered Rocksalt Cathodes by Pair Distribution Function Analysis", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 4922-4934 (2023).
Tao Y., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Neuefeind J., Louca D.A., "Investigating the magnetoelastic properties in FeSn and Fe3Sn2 flat band metals", Physical Review B, 107, 174407 (2023).
Umemoto K., "Multiscale structural analysis of ferromanganese-based invar/elinvar alloy", Ph.D. Dissertation, Tohoku University (2023).
Wang B., Li H., Li H.F., Liu S., Zhao S., Zhang X., Liu J., Xiao D., Yang W., Yu H., "Stacking Faults Inducing Oxygen Anion Activities in Li2MnO3", Advanced Materials, 35, 2207904 (2023).
Wang P., Patel S., Liu H., Chien P.H., Feng X., Gao L., Chen B., Liu J., Hu Y., "Configurational and Dynamical Heterogeneity in Superionic Li5.3PS4.3Cl1.7−xBrx", Advanced Functional Materials, 2307954 (2023).
Wang X., Yin L., Ronne A., Zhang Y., Hu Z., Tan S., Wang Q., Song B., Li M., Rong X., Lapidus S., Yang S., Hu E., Liu J., "Stabilizing lattice oxygen redox in layered sodium transition metal oxide through spin singlet state", Nature Communications, 14, 7665 (2023).
Westover A.S., Kornbluth M., Egami T., Liu J., Kalnaus S., Ma D., Kercher A.K., Neuefeind J., Everett M.S., Torres V., Martin S.W., Kozinsky B., Dudney N.J., "Medium-Range Ordering in the Ionic Glass Electrolytes LiPON and LiSiPON", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 2730-2739 (2023).
Wyckoff K., Kautzsch L., Kaufman J., Ortiz B.R., Kallistova A., Pokharel G., Liu J., Taddei K.M., Wiaderek K.M., Lapidus S., Wilson S.D., Van der Ven A., Seshadri R., "Electrochemical Control of Magnetism on the Breathing Kagome Network of LixScMo3O8", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 4945–4954 (2023).
Yao Y., Wang L., Zhang Y., Liu J., Huo C., Liu H., Chen J., "Local structure heterogeneity in unique tetragonal BaTiO3-based relaxor featuring ultrahigh electrostrictive effect", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, (2023).
Yoon Y., O’Nolan D., Beauvais M.L., Chapman K.W., Lively R.P., "Direct evidence of the ultramicroporous structure of carbon molecular sieves", Carbon, 210, 118002 (2023).
Yu X., Moon J., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Liu J., Kim S., Kumar A., Chi M., Fung V., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Wu Z., "In Situ Neutron Scattering Study of the Structure Dynamics of the Ru/Ca2N:e– Catalyst in Ammonia Synthesis", Chemistry of Materials, 35, 2456-2462 (2023).
Zhang D., Chen Y., Vega H., Feng T., Yu D., Everet M., Neuefeind J., An K., Chen R., Luo J., "Long- and short-range orders in 10-component compositionally complex ceramics", Advanced Powder Materials, 2, 100098 (2023).
Zhang Y., Liu J., Tucker M.G., "Lorentz factor for time-of-flight neutron Bragg and total scattering", Acta Crystallographica Section A, A79, 20-24 (2023).
Zhou D., Ning D., Wang J., Liu J., Zhang G., Xiao Y., Zheng J., Li Y., Li J., Liu X., "Clarification of underneath capacity loss for O3–type Ni, Co free layered cathodes at high voltage for sodium ion batteries", Journal of Energy Chemistry, 77, 479-486 (2023).
Zhou Q., "Decoding the Genome of Disordered Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Los Angeles (2023).

2022 77 Publications

Adawi H., "Study of Atomic and Magnetic Correlations in Ferromagnetic NI-Alloys", Ph.D. Dissertation, Kent State University (2022).
Ahn J., Ha Y., Satish R., Giovine R., Li L., Liu J., Wang C., Clement R.J., Kostecki R., Yang W., Chen G., "Exceptional Cycling Performance Enabled by Local Structural Rearrangements in Disordered Rocksalt Cathodes", Advanced Energy Materials, 12, 2200426 (2022).
Bailey O., Husremovic S., Murphy M., Ross J., Gong J., Olds D., Laurita G., "Compositional influence of local and long-range polarity in the frustrated pyrochlore system Bi2−xRExTi2O7 (RE = Y3+,Ho3+)", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10, 13886-13895 (2022).
Balderas R.I., Settle A.E., York A., Conklin D.R., Pham H., Metz P., Page K., Datye A., Trewyn B.G., Vardon D., Richards R.M., "MgO(111) Nanocatalyst for Biomass Conversion: A Study of Carbon Coating Effects on Catalyst Faceting and Performance", Catalysis Letters, 152, 3354–3364 (2022).
Baral R., Christensen J.A., Hamilton P.K., Ye F., Chesnel K., Sparks T.D., Ward R., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Manley M.E., Staunton J.B., Hermann R.P., Frandsen B.A., "Real-space visualization of short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in a magnetically enhanced thermoelectric", Matter, 5, 1853-1864 (2022).
Biriukov D., Wang H.W., Rampal N., Tempra C., Kula P., Neuefeind J., Stack A.G., Predota M., "The “good,” the “bad,” and the “hidden” in neutron scattering and molecular dynamics of ionic aqueous solutions", Journal of Chemical Physics, 156, 194505 (2022).
Butts D., "Next-Generation Electrode Materials for Na- and Li-Ion Batteries", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Los Angeles (2022).
Chen X., Wang Y., Wang Y., Dally R., Wiaderek K.M., Qiao T., Liu J., Hu E., Burch K.S., Lynn J.W., Li X., "Dynamically preferred state with strong electronic fluctuations from electrochemical synthesis of sodium manganate", Matter, 5, 2, 735-750 (2022).
Chen Y., An K., "Unraveling transition-metal-mediated stability of spinel oxide via in situ neutron scattering", Journal of Energy Chemistry, 68, 60-70 (2022).
Chen Y., Bartel C.J., Avdeev M.V., Zhang Y.Q., Liu J., Zhong P., Zeng G., Cai Z., Kim H., Ji H., Ceder G., "Solid-State Calcium-Ion Diffusion in Ca1.5Ba0.5Si5O3N6", Chemistry of Materials, 34, 1, 128–139 (2022).
Clark S.M., Colas B., Jacob D.E., Neuefeind J., Wang H.W., Page K., Soper A.K., Schodder P.I., Duchstein P., Zubiri B.A., Yokosawa T., Pipich V., Zahn D., Spiecker E., Wolf S.E., "The nano- and meso-scale structure of amorphous calcium carbonate", Scientific Reports, 12, 6870 (2022).
Clark S.M., Grigorova V., Colas B., Darwish T.A., Wood K., Neuefeind J., Jacob D.E., "The Kinetics of Aragonite Formation from Solution via Amorphous Calcium Carbonate", Nanomaterials, 12, 4151 (2022).
Cui Y., Zhang Y., Sun L., Feygenson M., Fan M., Wang X.L., Liaw P.K., Baker I., Zhang Z.W., "Phase transformation via atomic-scale periodic interfacial energy", Materials Today Physics, 24, 100668 (2022).
Deng B., Shi Y., Zhou Q., Bauchy M., "Revealing the structural role of MgO in aluminosilicate glasses", Acta Materialia, 222, 117417 (2022).
Dissanayake S., Shi Z., Rau J.G., Bag R., Steinhardt W., Butch N.P., Frontzek M., Podlesnyak A.A., Graf D., Marjerrison C.A., Liu J., Gingras M., Haravifard S., "Towards understanding the magnetic properties of the breathing pyrochlore compound Ba3Yb2Zn5O11through single-crystal studies", npj Quantum Materials, 7, 77 (2022).
Drey D., O'Quinn E.C., Finkeldei S., Neuefeind J., Lang M., "Local ordering in disordered NdxZr1-xO2-0.5x pyrochlore as observed using neutron total scattering", Acta Materialia, 225, 117590 (2022).
Essehli R., Parejiya A., Muralidharan N., Jafta C.J., Amin R., Dixit M.B., Bai Y., Liu J., Belharouak I., "Hydrothermal synthesis of Co-free NMA cathodes for high performance Li-ion batteries", Journal of Power Sources, 545, 231938 (2022).
Fan Y., Olsson E., Liang G., Wang Z., D'Angelo A.M., Johannessen B., Thomsen L., Cowie B., Li J., Zhang F., Zhao Y., Pang W.K., Cai Q., Guo Z., "Stabilizing Cobalt-free Li-rich Layered Oxide Cathodes through Oxygen Lattice Regulation by Two-phase Ru Doping", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 62, e2022130806 (2022).
Frandsen B.A., Hamilton P.K., Christensen J.A., Stubben E., Billinge S.J., "diffpy.mpdf: open-source software for magnetic pair distribution function analysis", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 55, 5, (2022).
Gao J., Li W., Liu J., Li Q., Li J.F., "Local Atomic Configuration in Pristine and A-Site Doped Silver Niobate Perovskite Antiferroelectrics", Research, 2022, 9782343 (2022).
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Hou D., Xu Z., Yang Z., Kuai C., Du Z., Sun C.J., Ren Y., Liu J., Xiao X., Lin F., "Effect of the grain arrangements on the thermal stability of polycrystalline nickel-rich lithium-based battery cathodes", Nature Communications, 13, 3437 (2022).
Htet C.S., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Kong J., Marlton F., Nayak S., Jorgensen M., Pramanick A., "Effect of Local Structural Distortions on Antiferroelectric–Ferroelectric Phase Transition in Dilute Solid Solutions of KxNa1–xNbO3", Inorganic Chemistry, 50, 20277-20287 (2022).
Htet C.S., Nayak S., Manjon-Sanz A., Liu J., Kong J., Soerensen D.R., Marlton F., Joergensen M.R., Pramanick A., "Atomic structural mechanism for ferroelectric-antiferroelectric transformation in perovskite NaNbO 3", Physical Review B, 105, 174113 (2022).
Hu Y., "Manipulating the Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Strongly Correlated Molecular Crystals", Ph.D. Dissertation, University at Buffalo (2022).
Jiang B., Lin D., Wang X., Selbach S.M., Page K., "Special quasirandom structures description of the local structure of disordered Bi0.5K0.5TiO3", Journal of Applied Physics, 132, 224101 (2022).
Jiang M., Gao Y., Wang Y., Li G., "Study on structure evolution of CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy in containerless processing using neutron diffraction", Nuclear Analysis, 1, 3, 100034 (2022).
Johnson I.D., Mistry A.N., Yin L., Murphy M., Wolfman M., Fister T.T., Lapidus S., Cabana J., Srinivasan V., Ingram B.J., "Unconventional Charge Transport in MgCr2O4 and Implications for Battery Intercalation Hosts", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 31, 14121-14131 (2022).
Kong J., Li L., Liu J., Marlton F., Joergensen M.R., Pramanick A., "A Local Atomic Mechanism for Monoclinic-Tetragonal Phase Boundary Creation in Li-Doped Na0.5K0.5NbO3 Ferroelectric Solid Solution", Inorganic Chemistry, 61, 4335-4349 (2022).
Kong J., Nayak S.K., Liu J., Alpay S.P., Pramanick A., "Local atomic structure distortions in the Dion-Jacobson ferroelectric CsBiNb2O7", Physical Review B, 106, 024103 (2022).
Li M., Jafta C.J., Geng L., Liu J., Bai Y., Li J., Essehli R., Belharouak I., "Correlation of Oxygen Anion Redox Activity to In-Plane Honeycomb Cation Ordering in NaxNiyMn1−yO2 Cathodes", Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research, 3, 7, 2200027 (2022).
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Li T., Algrim L., McEntee M., Tsyshevsky R., Leonard M., Durke E.M., Karwacki C., Kuklja M.M., Zachariah M.R., Rodriguez E.E., "Aliovalent-Doping Effects on the Surface Activity of Mesoporous CeO2 toward Nerve Agent Simulant DMMP Decomposition", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126, 17923-17934 (2022).
Liu H., Sun Z., Sun S., Zhang Y., Luo H., Qi H., Liu L., Neuefeind J., Xing X., Chen J., "Evolving Differentiated Local Polar Displacement and Relaxor Behavior in Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3 Perovskites", Chemistry of Materials, 34, 9, 3985–3992 (2022).
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