Information for NOMAD Users

Shipping address for samples

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Running your NOMAD Experiment


Accessing Your Experiment Data

The Neutron Science Portal has information about how experiment data can be accessed and other services that are provided by Neutron Sciences.


Nomad Data


Data Reduction


Rietveld Data Analysis by Run Cycle

Cycle Topas GSAS GSAS-II Fullprof Jana
Video Fitting-Data-in-TOPAS Fitting-Data-in-GSAS Fitting-Data-GSAS-II Fitting-Data-in-Fullprof Fitting-Data-in-JANA2006-Bank4 Fitting Data-in-Jana2006-Fourbanks


PDF Data Analysis

Cycle PDFgui DiffPy-CMI RMCprofile Fourier Information Data Reduction Manuals
2019-A ------------------- ------------------- See previous cycle See previous cycle  
2018-B ------------------- Fourier Information Data Reduction Manuals  
Video Fitting-Data-in-PDFgui Fitting-Data-in-DiffPy-CMI ------------------- ------------------- -------------------


Katharine Page's Atomic Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Analysis Lecture