The Science at Work at NOMAD

NOMAD is designed for investigation of systems with no long-range order, where interatomic and intermolecular interactions can be probed only through detailed investigation of short-range order.

The ability to synthesize and use novel nanoscale systems, including crystalline materials, can be enhanced through accurate determination of structural features of materials from interatomic to nanometer length scales. The structural characterization of new materials provides critical feedback for further improvements in synthesis and in tuning of desired properties.

This diffractometer is designed to effectively and efficiently use the high flux at SNS for studies of atomic-level and nanoscale structure to provide the basis for continuing advances in understanding and exploiting the fundamental interactions that control the properties of materials.

Two example data sets for crystalline (diamond) and amorphous (silica) samples are shown below.

Data Collection from NOMAD

Data collected in 1 second on diamond powder (backscattering detectors only).

Data Collection from NOMAD

Data collected in 20 minutes on SiO2.