Scientific Laboratories at SNS and HFIR

User Laboratories

We supply user labs that offer a convenient and safe location for experiment preparation. Our user laboratories at SNS provide a flexible, mobile environment where users can work efficiently.

The labs, on the second floor of the SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building (CLO), are built with "green" operations in mind, as well as to optimize the available space for researchers' ever-changing scientific needs. With overhead utilities and mobile furniture, the User Labs allow for a layout that can be easily reconfigured for equipment and allow for quickly changing an experiment's setup as needed.

The user laboratories include a large general chemistry user lab and a smaller user lab with nanomaterial handling capabilities in the CLO, a support room for supplies, an X-Ray lab, as well as an additional laboratory in building 8700, for easy access to beam line instruments.

All of the user preparation labs contain MBraun glove boxes with helium atmospheres, fume hoods, safety showers/drench hoses, and basic instruments/equipment for sample preparation, characterization, and analysis. The labs in the CLO contain standard American Disability Act-compliant fume hoods and safety showers, automatic sliding doors, and a combination of standard and non-standard power outlets suitable for different instrumentation.

The X-Ray lab provides a host of instruments for sample analysis by users and staff who submit a proposal, or request reservation of equipment in advance.

Scientific Laboratories offers various support services including: sample receiving and tracking, laboratory support for users, chemical management, training, post beam sample handling support, and sample returns upon experiment completion.

The goal of the Scientific Laboratories staff is to continuously look for opportunities to enhance the user experience. Our team is dedicated to helping making the user experience at SNS exceptional.