Protein X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory

The Protein X-ray Crystallography Laboratory is located within the Protein Labs of the Biology and Soft Matter Division in the SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building. The Protein X-ray crystallography Lab offers users a unique capability to perform temperature-controlled and vibration-free macromolecular crystallization, room- and cryogenic X-ray diffraction data collection, data analysis and visualization. This laboratory contains a Rigaku Highflux HomeLab X-ray diffractometer equipped with Oxford cryostream, two microscopes for crystal manipulation, two robotic liquid handlers for automated crystallization setup and 12 temperature-controlled incubators (5 of which are vibration-free). This lab offers training for and is available to all staff and users on the X-ray diffractometer for long-term experiments.

For more information contact R&D Staff Scientist Andrey Kovalevsky.