Soft Matter Laboratory

The Soft Matter Laboratory is designed to provide sample preparation and characterization of soft matter related research materials. This lab supports all staff members and users doing general soft-materials related research within the Biology and Soft Matter Division. Users may have experiments on, but not limited to, EQ-SANS, NSE, GP-SANS, Bio-SANS, Liquid Reflectometer, or BASIS. The Soft Matter lab’s present capabilities consist of Langmuir trough, Spin-coat, UV-ozone cleaner, Clean bench, Vacuum oven, magnetic stirrer, hotplate, thermal bath, DI-water, Tip-sonicator, bath-sonicator, Rheometer, Vortex mixer, roller mixer, temperature-controlled shaker, high precision balance, general balance, Microcentrifuge, Refrigerator, Desiccator and Freezer (sample storage), Freeze-dryer/Vacuum pump (evaporation), and atomic force microscopy.

For more information, contact EQ-SANS Instrument Scientist Changwoo Do.